You Must Be Familiar With these Unwritten Rules of Air Travel!

Most of us are aware of the written rules of the airport like we must keep a note that our check-in luggage is not exceeding 23 kg limit and smoking is not allowed on-board. However, there are a number of rules that are actually unwritten, but you need to follow them to ensure an easy and comfortable trip for you. Air travelling is mostly tagged to be a journey full of stresses and everyone prefers to not do something that can become a create trouble or frustration for his fellow passengers.

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You must keep in mind a few important things that can ensure a comfortable and peaceful stay in the plane not only for you but also for the other travelling with you.

Do not over drink

It is considered to be a criminal offence to board the plane over drunk. When you over the drink, you get out of senses and most act aggressively over little things that can be easily ignored, hence giving rise to a fuss out of nothing and may arise a situation is that frustrating and not comfortable for the other travelling with him. When you drink over the plane, the chances of getting dehydrated increases. You must try to consume as little alcohol as possible while being on the plane.

Avoid taking off your socks

To avoid the swelling of feet, it is advised to take your shoes off during the long-hauled flight. But never remove the socks, as it no way looks decent to walk through barefoot in the plane. If you have the problem of bad smell from your feet, never take off the socks along with the shoes. You can opt for a slipper, but avoid taking off your socks!

Respect the rights of other passengers

Never indulge yourself in communication with a fellow passenger who apparently doesn’t seem to be enjoying your company. Some of the passengers are quiet by nature, and you must respect their preferences. You must keep in mind that the airline is not a spot for dating, do not frank with someone with an intention to make someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Keep your children engaged

It is really difficult to be a parent, but travelling with small children is even more complex. Keep your kids engaged in different activities to create a peaceful environment in the plane, without any crying babies.

It is really very frustrating to sit in the cramped space for a long period, but you must try to keep yourself fidget as minimum as possible. You need to understand that all the passengers are in a condition similar to you. Your uneasiness and discomfort can become a souce of frustration and discomfort for the others travelling with you.

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