Why Bangalore To Mumbai Train Travel Is A Value To Your Money Deal

Bangalore and Mumbai are 981 km apart, with very efficient rail connectivity that makes it easy for passengers to travel between these cities. India’s enchanting south has magnificent architecture, rich historical culture and natural beauties that are stunning like the hill stations, seashores, wildlife sanctuaries, great structures, patterns and much more. The cities in South India are known for their modern architecture and excellent railway infrastructure that attracts the interest of those wishing to travel by rail. The scenic rail travel from Bangalore to Mumbai makes the journey popular among the local and international tourists.

Bangalore Train Station:

Accessing the trains in Bangalore is easy since most of them departure from the city. Also, Bangalore is the central station that is served by other stations, and because it’s situated in the city centre, it offers convenience to all travellers. Most people opt to travel by train due to the simplicity of online reservations, can check PNR status of train ticket and live train status of train at any time with the help of different travel apps. Bangalore has beautiful sightseeing features such as temple towns, forests, hills, archaeological monuments, tea plantations and palaces that passengers enjoy while travelling.

Mumbai city:

Mumbai city is the capital city of Maharashtra, and it’s a metropolitan city as well as India’s commercial and entertainment hub – the home of Bollywood. It is a city with a moderate climate throughout the year. Mumbai never sleeps, it is full of activity every day and night, with parties, entertainment and eating joints open at all times. The city has a distinct lifestyle, and a rich cultural heritage, both of which are elements that add to the city’s charm.

Facilities Onboard the Train:

Passengers travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai are treated to onboard catering which provides them with fresh and scrumptious delicacies. Comfortable sleeping arrangements are made, with provisions like sheets, blankets, and pillows available for passengers.

Coach Information – the Different Train Classes:

The train coaches in India are categorized into AC1st class coaches, AC 2nd Class, AC 3rd, sleeper class, executive class, chair class and second class coaches.  The first and second class coaches have beds with a provision for linen, making it good for overnight travel. The third tiers have bunks at night while the executive and chair classes are best for day travel. The train fare is inclusive of meals and the tickets can be booked with a train app.

Significant passenger information

Both Bangalore and Mumbai are significant commercial hubs for India, and the trains are usually busy each day. Ticket availability can be difficult especially during the peak travel seasons like the festival seasons and summer holidays. The best thing to do is to book your ticket earlier, at least 60 days before the day of travel to avoid the inconvenience of the peak season.

When it comes to travelling experience, the Indian trains are quite delightful. The journey from Bangalore to Mumbai takes approximately one day, and during this time, passengers are treated to a wonderfully diverse landscape as well as the scenic routes as they travel.

If you intend to visit Mumbai from Bangalore, you should book early enough to avoid any disappointments. You can make your train travel smoother with popular train booking apps and get your ticket in good time. If you choose the right app, you will get other benefits such as being able to tell the running status of a train, the number of routes it covers, and more.

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