Top Best Hatchet for Survival

Do you like camping?  When your answer is “YES” then you really need a hatchet and Axe for cutting woods and for the safety purpose. We will discuss with you the best hatchet and Axe for you which are really reliable.

Coleman Camp Axe:

Coleman Camp Axe is very useful for you when you are always available for the camping tour. It has non-grip and forged steel ergonomic handle means you will able to apply force without any fear of losing grip. The length of this Axe is 13 inches. The advantages of this Axe are the following:

  • Its ergonomic will keep your hands, wrists, and shoulders from ticking quickly.

  • The notch in the head makes it easy to pull nails.

  • Coleman Camp Axe has a handle a non-slip rubber coating, Your grip still secures when it is wet.

  • It is made of carbon steel that’s been drop-forged for extra length.

  • The hatchet is solidly built to meet the needs of survivalist and campers.


Ultimate Survival Technologies Parahatchet FS:

This hatchet has 4mm thick stainless steel blade is suitable for chopping limbs, splitting firewoods and branches with 3 hex wrenches in different sizes. It is a lightweight and impressive hatchet. It is reliable for hiking and for your safety as well. The advantages of this hatchet are the following:


  • It has integrated gut hook/rope cutter that you may find useful for various tasks and chores.

  • It is come with the fire starting utility and very handy you can spend more time camping.

  • This hatchet is very is very practical to carry around.

  • The ergonomic handle offers you a solid grip.

  • It has low weight and you can carry it easily.


Columbia River 2730 woods chogan:

It is one of the best hatchet constructed from 1055 carbon steel. Columbia River 2730 woods chogan is more leverage to cut thick wood. It is very comfortable which gives you a strong grip. It is the well-balanced hatchet. There are some extra advantages of this hatchet which are in below:


  • It provides you with the lifetime warranty.

  • This hatchet is fulfilling all the requirements of the survivalist.

  • It gives you the leverage to cut branches, limbs, and other material.

  • The handle of this hatchet is made from Tennessee hickory.

  • It is best suited for pounding nails.

  • This hatchet extended handle makes it comfortable to hold.


Schrade Scaxe5 tactical hatchet:

This hatchet is 12.9 inches long and it is useful for cutting firewoods and branches and limbs. It 3.1-inch blade handle all the job. Schrade Scaxe5 tactical hatchet is impressively designed for the campers and survivalists. The nylon fiber handle provides you the great comfort It just has 1.56 lbs. It is one of the lightest and best hatchets. There are some advantages of this hatchet which are the following:


  • You can use this hatchet in camping the other diverse environment.

  • The non-slip handle helps you to focus on cutting and chopping without any fear about your grip.

  • It giving you versatility and extra depth. It has a nail pull and pry bar built in.

  • Glass-filled nylon fiber makes it comfortable and extended use.

  • Sharp blade cutting with accuracy and precision.

  • It provides you the stability compared to other hatchets and axes.