Passenger Services at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD)

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is successfully functioning for almost a decade now and acting as a bridge connecting people from all over the world with the city and lifestyle of Hyderabad. It is also ranked 1st in the world for its quality airport services. This airport serves nearly 12 million people per annum. The airport authorities are very much attentive and effective towards their works and implementations and that is how an airport that manages such huge passenger-population managed to score the topmost rank. This airport also has started planning for an expansion that can fit 20 million people per year. Now when an airport is striving for much higher limits, you should definitely try looking in and around the airport to know more about it. So this time, when you plan on visiting India, try booking your flight tickets to Hyderabad and land at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) so that you can get the chance of exploring this airport as well as the city of Nizams too.   So given below are some of the details about the passenger services available at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Have a look!

Passenger services for people arriving at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

 RGIA welcomes people from all over the world. After arriving at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, you will get to find a lot of passenger services like lost and found desks where you can seek help in case if you have lost anything.

·  There is also a security desk area that is available round the clock to help you with your baggage and other issues. Apart from that, RGIA has recently launched a new passenger service program where nearly 50 new customer service associates were unveiled with a sole purpose to help the travelers by guiding them through the airport. You will find them everywhere inside the airport. So if you ever get confused with anything, you don’t have to look for a solution as they will be there right beside you to help you out.

·  There are wheelchair services provided that can be pre-booked right when you are booking your tickets if needed. Indian Eagle is one such online travel agency that helps in booking such services along with your flight tickets.

·  There is a facility of Transfer Desk that is the first of its kinds at RGIA located at arrivals near Belt No. 2 So this transfer desk basically helps passengers with their domestic to domestic or International to domestic or domestic to International transfers.

·  Once you check out of the airport, you will find a wide variety of transport modes available for you to reach your hotel or wherever it is that you want to go. There are cab services run by Uber or Ola or any other private companies that will take you safely into the city of Hyderabad. You also find Radio Taxis that cannot be pre-booked but they offer you an air-conditioned and well-maintained service. Other means of transport include Auto rickshaws, buses assigned by the airport authorities and there are also other comfy-buses by Pushpak available that will not just take you to your location but also guide you through.

·  There are 92 check-in counters and nearly 24 self-check Kiosks enabled for the convenience of the passengers and carrying only cabin baggage.

·  There are also 20 immigration counters present for further help.

Passenger services for people departing from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

 Departure from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) is also quite easy and very much effective as you have all the basic facilities and requirements fulfilled.

·  If you are early to the airport, then maybe you can go and spend some quality time either in your assigned lounges or else the spas. The waiting rooms are very much comfortable.

·  There is free WiFi available along with some internet centers in the airport if you ever need them.

·  You will find around 19 immigration counters that are set up almost everywhere for the passengers departing from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

·  Did you know that Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) is the first airport in India that has four inline baggage handling system? Well, that itself is a great thing.

·  There are even special pray rooms that are meant for all those religious people who are in search of peace, solace and are unable to relax before boarding their flights.

Other common passenger services at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

 Passenger services at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport also include a 24*7 pharmacy and medical emergency support system, ATM machines, VIP Lounges for business class fliers, Kids playrooms with trainers and nannies assigned, some of the best high-end restaurants and of course, the shopping centers. So this means you don’t have to worry much about any sort of issue. Just depart from here or land here safely while Rajiv Gandhi International Airport offers you the best possible passenger services like it always has. Adios!