Well, it is almost at the beginning because it is one of the main concerns of the traveler to the sultanate! And after having granted a natural hammam in the open air for 12 days, we understand why! Already know that there are two climates in the country: Mediterranean in the North and East, tropical in the West and South. It is wet, especially along the coast, but still far less than in most of the tropical countries we have been to.

 The Omani desert, unlike many others, does not suffer from temperature differences as open as the legs of a contortionist in full number, between day and night: the night rarely falls below 20 °. This point surprised us!

When to go to Oman?

The best period is that of winter between early November and late March with temperatures around 25-30 ° day on the coasts and plain, and 15 ° -25 ° in the mountains. But it is also the rainy season, you can be right in the mountains, as well as very cool nights with temperatures that can go below 0 ° in Oman trips.

In summer, you can take your Richard to the Dhofar (it was just for rhyme, eh): it will be watered with monsoon episodes, while in the north, you can get a sauna to purify the pores under a good fifty degrees!

Our little experience of the Omani climate:

We tested the beginning of the hot season with 40 ° -44 ° during the day in plain and on the coast, and we can tell you that it is rather complicated for our organizations to manage! They try to adapt as they can: migraines, intense fatigue, diarrhea, uncontrollable sweating. It is almost a torture to walk outside between 11h and 15h 30min. Fortunately the night falls early, around 18:30, to blow a little. Not too much is needed, at night, it is 36 °! 

In addition you will not tan because you will play perched cat with shaded areas while compulsively spreading you with sunscreen index 50 (or total screen according to your complexion) not to have a skin transplant back in France! Before, we also had principles on air conditioning, but that was before –

How do we dress with this climate?

Unless you are a follower of wraps as a method of lightning, we advise you to take summer clothes, light but not undressed: T-shirts, Bermudas, pants, pants. All in linen, cotton, or in materials designed for technical sportswear such as running.

The fashion-look of Corinne during this trip during the hot season:

  • T-shirts with short sleeves : especially at the hottest part of the day in Muscat tours (more progressive) or in totally lost places
  • T-shirts with long sleeves : in mosques
  • T-shirts with 3/4 sleeves : evening or in Nizwa and Jebel Al Akhdar
  • Knee-length Bermuda : at the beach south of Muscat because really very few people in the places we went.
  • loose trousers : in the more traditional mountains (like souvenir trousers bought in Thailand or India, harem pants) and mosques.
  • crunches : most of the time everywhere.
  • a little surf shorts + a surf tee-shirt + a one-piece swimsuit underneath : in the wadis. My best advice I think! I overcame this combo: I bathed dressed, it was drying in 2 min thanks to these technical clothes, no waste of time to undress and get dressed. I put on pants instead of the shorts when I got to the car in the parking lot. NICKEL. I did not shock anyone and I was much more comfortable than those in bikini 2 pieces! Especially when we met women who bathed all dressed! 
    Note that I put the swimsuit one piece down in case there was no one but we did not have this chance with the scorching heat!
  • A pair of flip-flops, a pair of sandals a pair of surf shoes ( or aqua shoes) that go in the water, are breathable and are pretty to wear to the city (IDEAL for wadis, I chose them from Decathlon), a pair of hiking shoes / sneakers.
  • A scarf to protect you from the air if you are sensitive, and to cover your hair in mosques.
  • A sweater  for the mountains ( or a polar if you camp)
  • A nice long dress if you want to attend a show at the opera!
  • With all that, I think you’re ready! 

    If you go in winter, in the cold season, I think you can expect more warm clothes because in the mountains the temperature can be really cool!


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