Let Your Kids Enjoy at Disneyland this Summer!

Are you looking for the ideal time to visit Disneyland? Well, to be very honest, you can never quote a specific time to go there, in fact, all depends upon your preference along with various factors that can affect your journey.

If you are not comfortable with crowds, you must consider a visit to Disneyland in mid week of February, but then you might have to compromise on the fireworks. If you plan a travel in summer, then you can enjoy all the rides as the days are longer, can enjoy fireworks and nighttime shows every day.

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According to the expert travellers, summer is the ideal time to visit Disneyland. During the summer days Disneyland hours are the longest, meaning you would have more hours to enjoy, plan activities and enjoy more rides. Rides are fully operational during the summer hours, hence you have a little chance to miss any of the rides. But get ready to face melting heat, crowded hotels along with the high prices, as it the peak season at Disneyland and the prices are considerably higher during these days.

Which is the peak travelling season at Disneyland?

Disney land is the second busiest theme park in the world, that attracts an estimated 18 million visitors every year. Sometimes it gets so much crowded with the people during the big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Yew Year, that gates have to be closed to ensure safety and security of the visitors. If you are not comfortable in crowded places, you should avoid going there during these months:

  • The first week of January to Mid of February
  • Third Tuesday of February to mid-March, until the spring break, starts in European schools
  • Mid-April to the third week of May
  • First Tuesday of September until the start of October
  • The second week in November


The weather is very pleasant during this month and it is the ideal time for those who hate crowds, but then you have to compromise over the park hours that are shortened in January.


February being the quietest month in Disneyland still offers you great chance to have fun. The parking times are shortened, but still you enjoy a lot as the place is not overcrowded and the best part is that you don’t have to wait for the rides due to less number of visitors.


If you are looking to have a peaceful stay in the Disney land, plan your travel in early March, as after the mid-March the park starts getting crowded due to spring break.


Due to spring break in schools it is the peak season.


All upgrades and maintenance are ensured to be completed until May in view of the summer holidays. Avoid going there on the Memorial Day weekend as the Disney land is jam packed.


June is the start of summer at Disneyland. The park hours are prolonged, fireworks, rides nighttime shows all are in full swing!


The most crowded month of the year is July, witnessing the maximum number of visitors.


August is the hottest and crowded month of the year. Park hours are extended up to 16 hours a day.


During this month the weather turns nice, the crowds reduce and the waiting queues get shorter.


During October, Halloween is celebrated during the entire month.


During the early days, the number of visitors is less, but the park start getting packed as the days draw closer to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.


The park is beautifully decorated during that month. You can enjoy the special parade, fireworks and Santa appearance being part of the Christmas celebrations.

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