How to do a Dubai Layover Enjoyable with Transit Visa

Connecting both east and west, Dubai International Airport offers flight to over 260 destinations on six continents. More than 79 million people every year cross through the terminals of Dubai. The airport hosts many passengers who have gotten a layover at their airport prior to their onward journey. Dubai offers transit visa to the passengers who are passing through their city. So, now you don’t have to kill your time sitting at the airport lounge doing nothing and putting more calories from the airport cafeteria. Leave the airport and immerse yourself into the dynamic city of Dubai. We have all been stuck in an incredible city without having much time to explore the beauty of the place, before jetting off to our next destination. Well, to help this modern age enigma, we have brought forth some of the best and effective tricks to making a layover an exciting adventure.


Get out from the airport and see something good

Dubai airport itself is a fascinating architecture and don’t you wonder how the whole city looks like? Definitely you do. Just because you are here for a short time, doesn’t mean you can not get out and enjoy Dubai. Granted, you can not explore much of the city, but you can make the most of the limited source you have gotten.

Relish your soul with a tempting meal

Even when you are not feeling hungry, try the authentic cuisine or may be a cup of coffee along with some munches of sandwich will be enough to tickle your taste buds. A coffee or a drink will instantly rejuvenate your sleeping tiresome soul to take some action and energize you to explore the city. Dubai is known for its widest range of eateries that offer amazing cuisines from different parts of the world. Pick your favorite and enjoy.

Quick pick on sightseeing

If you have not much time left, it’s better to skip the meal as you can get it anywhere anyhow, but not the moment in Dubai to cherish later. It would be a smart move if you plan strategically to ensure you don’t miss the top tourist places in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is one such destination, which you at any cost can’t afford to miss. The Palm Jumeirah Island is another man-made wonder, which entices and will continue to do so till eternity.


Shopper’s paradise

If you are a shopping freak, you must visit the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the entire UAE, with 1000 shops. So, it is advisable, snagging a map so that you can easily find out the attractions and the shops you may want to visit.

Dubai has a lot to offer for everyone who visits this amazing place of tallest skyscrapers. But you cannot just go out from the airport to explore the city, you must hold a valid transit visa. You can contact for Dubai transit visa to the airport authority or may get it prior to your visit from SDMS Dubai Visa.