How much does desert safari Dubai cost per person?

Dubai’s highways are outlined by the world-class architecture, its coastline is hemmed in by long beaches and the nooks and corners are packed with delicious outlets. But before all this happened, the emirate was a land of sand. And even today, an essential part of the city is desert and why not take its advantage by indulging in a high action-adventure activity, Desert Safari Dubai. It’s even better with Rayna’s everyday deals.

With such large number of travel agents offering the thrill of this experience, we take pride that our services offer flexible policies, hassle-free booking and the lowest desert safari Dubai cost per person, starting at (160 AED).

It is one of our premium travel services and displays a perfect blend of adventure and entertainment. A combination of 4*4 dune bashing, camel riding, belly dancing, and barbeque dinner is enough to trigger your wanderlust.

What are the various Dubai desert safari rates?

Desert safari in Dubai is classified into various categories and the cost depends on what facilities you choose. Let’s have a look at the best of the lot-

Morning Desert Safari

Cost: 106AED -160AED

It is a 3-hour celebration of sand, sun and camel. This commences in the early morning which is a sight to behold- slowly the sun bursts and rises above the horizon and you are the audience to its miraculous raise lightning up the entire desert. The tour entails with myriads of activities like dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, quad biking and others.

Evening Desert Safari

Cost: 163 AED -250AED

Travel enthusiasts will choose the evening desert safari as it has more flavours and sides to show. The initial leg of the show takes you to the wonders of the desert through the crazy dune bashing, followed by slow and quick camel riding. When you crave to spend a more of energetic time on the desert, go with the sand boarding and quad biking, which makes you feel like the Paul Walker of desert. When this session is about to end you witness a royal camp setting in Bedouin style that is staged for live cultural events like belly dancing, Tanoura show and henna designing. The chapter ends with a photography bout and scrumptious international buffet.

Overnight Desert Safari

 Cost:280 AED -450AED

 Imbibing all inclusions of evening desert safari, a feather to the cap is the night out stays in the overnight desert safari. You get your private tent where you can gaze the sky decked with billion of stars and rejoice in the wonderful journey like never before.

*Note- These desert safari rides and stays are accompanied by the transfers available from the travel firm you have booked with.

There are other commendable combinations for exploring the vastness of the desert, as-

  •    Dinner in Desert  (107AED -165 AED)
  •   Hummer Safari Desert (1500 AED – 2050 AED)
  •    Morning Safari with Camel Riding (202 AED – 310 AED )

Grab more information on desert safari Dubai cost by following our official site or reaching any of our reliable agents offline.

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