Highlights of the South Rim and West Rim tours in Grand Canyon

Both the South Rim and West Rim of Grand Canyon boasts of the most spectacular sights that one can ever experience. Pack your bags now and make these your next holiday destination.


The grand sights and scenes seen during the tours in Grand Canyon are sure to leave any traveler awestruck. The massive expanse of ridges, gorges, and formations are unparalleled to that found anywhere else in the world. You can choose to enjoy the wonderful views from the different vantage points, opt for helicopter tours, or go on walking trails. There is more than one way to admire the views and a few crucial details of the Grand Canyon South Rim and West Rim trip are mentioned below.

A trip to the expansive South Rim

Make the massive Hoover Dam your first stop of the day and the stunning settings of the dam with the Colorado River flowing underneath will surely take your breath away. The two other top spots for this Rim are the Mather’s Point and the Bright Angel Lodge. The Mather’s Point is the place from where you can get one of the finest views of the Grand Canyon. A little walk from here takes you to the Bright Angel Lodge, which is a cafeteria with beautiful views surrounding it. Walking on the paved road between these two points lets you enjoy the breathtaking views and get some amazing photo opportunities.

Walking tours in Grand Canyon are equally popular but if you are planning to opt for that, make sure you have an experienced guide with you who will not just lead the way but also tell you all the impressive facts about the place.

The wonders of the Grand Canyon West Rim

The Grand Canyon West Rim is the home of the famous Hualapai Tribe and the wonder of this place are no less than the South Rim. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are among the highlights of this trip. Lake Mead is actually a lake on the Colorado River and it is also the largest reservoir in the United States of America. Another top spot for this trip is the Eagle Point, which the place that unfolds the spectacular views of in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to explore the Native American Indian village while you are at this place.

If you want something more adrenaline pumping, then opt for the thrilling helicopter ride. You can take the helicopter ride along with a pontoon boat ride or without it. The choice lies with you and makes sure you discuss with your tour guide about the prices.

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