Cultural And Natural Attractions Of Bhutan

Bhutan is not just about monasteries. Bhutan is located at the niche of all Himalayan locations. The land is lush and bloomy, no matter when you visit the country. Bhutan is a continuum of cultural and natural beauty. If you are about to visit Bhutan, here are the top cultural and natural attractions, you ought to visit while in Bhutan.


The epitome of cultural attractions in Bhutan can be found only in the monasteries. Apart from the beauty of the architecture and the collection of statues and prayer wheels, monasteries are the best places to watch monks performing rituals, meditation and others. You can also take part in these rituals, if you wish to. Walking around the monastery and spinning the prayer wheel as you walk is an important pilgrimage activity to experience in the monasteries.

If you are looking for a colorful vacation, visit Bhutan during any festival. The monasteries will be decorated with ethnic elements, monks perform unique mask dances and sacred scrolls will be out for display along with other religious items of the monasteries.

Visit the mountain passes

You can find many mountain passes in Bhutan connecting different regions. These passes are famous for clear view of the mountains, adventure activities, visiting monasteries and much more. You can also find some traditional townships and villages closer to the mountain passes. Visit those settlements to enjoy local cuisine, watch daily routine and take part in their social activities.

Trekking routes

The smaller mountains, which cover most of the landscape of Bhutan are the iconic places of tourism attractions. Starting from hiking to wildlife spotting, you can enjoy many land activities in these mountain ranges. You can also find many Dzongs on the way, which were used by the monks for meditation, in the past.

Flora of the valley

Valleys are the place where you can find lush and major towns and destinations. The geographical features of the valley allowed locals to form major settlements in this region. Thus, you can find many cultural feasts and monasteries in the valley. Apart from these, the valleys are filled with rich colored wild flowers, if you are visiting Bhutan during summer. You can find forests of magnolia, juniper and rhododendron flowers in the valley. Closer to the villages, you can find fields of paddy and other colorful produce.

Meditate in caves

You can find many caves along the mountain, where monks meditated in the past. Tourists are allowed to explore those caves and even meditate or relax for a few hours. If you are interested in meditation, you can also take part in meditation workshops and classes conducted by monks in the monasteries.

Try the stone bath of Bhutan

This is the land of Himalayas. Thus, you can find traditional medicine and treatment for many medical conditions. Of all the treatments found in Bhutan, the best of all is the stone bath. River water is mixed with herbs and is heated in river stones that are heated in fire. The bath is provided in a traditional wooden bathtub in many traditional spas. You can also find many other styles of spa treatments in this country, which are embedded in their culture.

Apart from these, there are numerous interesting and amusing attractions in Bhutan, which are linked to their natural resource or to their belief and culture. There is no point in visiting Bhutan and staying in a cocoon of luxury hotel. Get down with the local and live their life, for a change.