6 Questions You Must Ask Your Immigration Consultant

Planning to settle overseas for better work opportunities, lifestyle and a family future? Many people dream of moving abroad for better perks and better salaries and a good work culture. The competition for visas in countries like US, Canada, Australia, Germany etc is really fierce. Thus, to enhance your chances of immigration it is better to apply under the expert guidance of immigration consultants. The applications drafted by such consultants is opportune, complete and infallible.

But before you hire one, you must carry out a thorough and complete research about them. Different immigration consultants specialize in different entry modes to a particular country. You should clarify all your doubts and queries about the consultant. It is imperative that you must ask some important questions from them before proceeding ahead with the consultant.

1-Are you registered with the Country’s Government?

When you approach an immigration agency, the first thing you want to inquire about is their license. To protect the immigration clients (you) from hoax and scams every country provides a license to the immigration consultants. For eg- Government Agencies like MARA are responsible for providing the license for Australian immigration and ICCRC provides the license for migrating to Canada. If a consultancy claims to have ties with overseas registered agents then these tie-ups should be visible on the government websites. It would also be a good idea to call up the embassy to check if a consultancy is registered with them or not. Cross checking the license or registration number with the details of the consultancy is a must before you sign a deal with them.  

3-What is your past track record?

It is imperative that you check the past record of the consultant in terms of the success rate of visa approval. Find out how long the consultant has been in the industry. Check the number of clients the consultancy has helped in past. Try to talk to their past clients. This will help you to unfold the truth in claims of consultancy.

3-How much will you charge for Visa Consultancy and What Services will I get?

You must enquire about the total charges and try to get detailed information about the total fees in break ups. Ensure that there are no hidden charges to avoid confusion in the later stages. Planning your finances are an important part of migration.

Also enquire about the services provided by the consultancy. To avoid confusion talk directly to the Service Executive. A good consultancy provides a dedicated customer representative to you. Choose the services best suited according to your needs.

4-How is Your Consultancy different from Others?

Try to find out the difference between the consultancy of your choice and others. What edge does your consultancy have over their competitors? Do they have flexible payment plans? Do they provide post landing services? Questions like these can help you in choosing the best consultancy for yourself.

5-Who will attest my documents?

A good consultancy will have registered agents who can attest your documents. Without proper documentation and attestation your application is not viable. If you face any hassles in attestation, then the consultancy is not worth your money.

6-What if my application is rejected?

Here the cliché answer will be “We will refund your money”. Refunds won’t solve your problem. Find out if your agent has proper knowledge and information about reviewing your case. A good agent will have access to case officers for negotiations. The person will put in all the efforts for review and re-consideration of your application.

Finding a reliable immigration consultant can be easy if you can follow some key points and ask above questions from the immigration consultant you are dealing with. With the spurt of various consultancies around the country answers for the above questions will clarify about the work ethics and caliber of the immigration consultants and you can make sure that you choose an accredited consultant.

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