5 Amazing Services That Will Reduce Your Business Travel Expenses

Business travel is becoming costlier with each passing year. According to an estimate, a business spends more than $1000 on a business trip and you factor in the number of people and the number of days your business trip will last, you will end up spending much more than that. Then there are employees indulging in the shopping spree and you end up with a large bill.

Do your business travel expenses give you sleepless nights? Are your balance sheets reflecting negatively due to a business trip? If yes, then you might be thinking about how you can keep the business travel cost down. In this article, you will learn about useful services that will help you reduce costs during corporate travel.

Here are five useful services you must use in order to keep your business expenses under control.

1. Upside

Does your employees spending more than they are allowed to on business trips? If yes, then Upside is a great website that offers employees incentives to try lower cost alternatives for everything from airlines to hotels. They do so by offering a free gift card in return. Here is how Upside works.

  • Enter your business trip details along with the level of service you want to enjoy.

  • Upside shows you both options the one you prefer and the alternative one they are offering. If you opt for an alternative option, you can earn a gift card to make up for the differences in cost savings.

  • The tool does not restrict you but also give you both options to choose from.

Give this tool a try and you will end up saving a lot of money on business travel.

2. Rocketrip

If you are unsure about how much money you will spend on your business trip, Rocketrip gives you the flexibility business travelers can dream of. Unlike Upside, which offers you a gift card, Rocketrip takes a different approach and give you half the money you save on your business trip. If your employees are staying in Airbnb instead of a 5-star hotel.

Let’s say if your employees are saving $350, they will get $175.  This will encourage other employees to save money during business travel. This is the model Rocketrip follows and it is effective. In general, you can reduce the cost of business travel by up to 30%.

3. TravelPerk

Mid to large size enterprises can easily afford business trips but that is not the case with small businesses. They have to save money to make room for business trips. They are always scouting for best deals on hotel, airline tickets and more. That is where TravelPerk comes into play.

TravelPerk let business see the fair price of a particular business trip based on the real-time data. When you have all the knowledge with accurate budget estimates, expense integration and budget reporting at your disposal, small businesses can make better decisions and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on activities such as dhow cruise dinner in marina.

4. TripActions

If you are looking for a complete travel management solution then, look no further than TripActions. It is a travel management software that help you manage your business trip from start to finish. There is a mobile app and a web app, saving dashboard, inventory management, company discounts and exclusive discounts and deals on features.

You can also get incentives for using their own TripBucks programs. When your employees save money on business travel, they earn TripBucks. They are loyalty points that you can use on a vacation, as a gift card or secure upgrades. The best thing about them is that there are no limitations, tiers and blackout dates.

5. Revolut

If you travel to different countries for business purposes, you might be worried about the exchange rate fees because they tend to add up over time. Use their app to set up your profile and then transfer funds into your account. This app will give you real exchange rate and keep you updated with ups and downs in exchange rates. More importantly, it can save you unnecessary and surprising exchange fees. You can also send and receive money instantly on Revolut. In case of any problem, you can easily block cards quickly to save yourself from unnecessary hassles. If you are in UAE to enjoy desert safari in Dubai, this app will keep you updated with fluctuating exchange rates and exchange fees.

Which traveling services do you use to save money on business travel? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.