10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Winter Trip

1.   Research about your destination

The first thing you need to do is research on the destination you are travelling to and know the weather conditions. What is the temperature that it can drop to and How will the weather be like during the course of your trip, If you’re doing multiple destinations, you need to check the weather of each destination as this will give you a clear idea of what you need to take along with you. Make sure to use winter holiday packages provided by various travel agencies as they might have some offers available

2.   Check your luggage limit

It is wise to check what your luggage limit as the woollens clothes can weigh heavy. They are expensive, and you can avoid buying them in the place you are travelling to. Once you’re through with your groundwork, you can get packing for your winter vacation.

3.   Thermals

Thermals are the essentials that you wear underneath your warm clothes to keep your body warm. So, no matter where you go, you will have to carry thermals depending upon the duration of the trip. Thermals weigh less and add very less to your luggage.

4.   Replace your tops with sweaters

Carry a variety of sweaters that you can wear over your thermal and look like a fashionista anyway. Choose from turtlenecks, cashmeres, tunics and many more! Winter bombers look great too!

5.   Carry pullovers for layering

Carry zippered/buttoned pullovers. You can wear some of your favourite top and yet stay warm with knit pullovers. Pack at least couple of layering pieces including scarves. Research better about the place and select the best place to travel in the winter.

6.   Boots and socks

Footwear is extremely important. Your feet tend to freeze first when the temperature drops so pack a pair of winter boots for sure. Boots work best as they keep you warm. Avoid any sort of heeled boots and just carry to the flats. Pack a few pairs of socks and woollen socks to stay warm in them

7.   Mittens or gloves

Carry Gloves as your hands get cold just like your feet gets cold. Keep your hands warm and stay healthy.

8.   Moisturizing lotion

The dry and breezy weather conditions can cause the evaporation of your skin’s moisture. the cold and snowy weather at the places you travel makes your skin becomes dry, flaky, and tight. Indeed, winter can be unforgiving to the skin. For this, you need to carry a moisturising cream with you to protect your skin.

9.   Blankets

Flying can be uncomfortable in a lot of ways, wearing comfortable clothes can add to the ease of your trip and carrying a Blanket helps. The temperature can fluctuate greatly on aeroplane and having a blanket on hand can make you more comfortable for the flight!

10. Raincoats and Umbrella

There are many decisions to make while packing for a trip, and, one of those is whether to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella. Get a good idea of the weather and climate in your destination carrying rain coats and umbrella.

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