Why PST Files Get Corrupted? Know the Best Tricks Here!

Although Outlook is one of the prominent email application, which is used for both personal and business usage. At the same time, Outlook users have to face different challenges particularly in dealing with the corruption issues in the PST data. Before that you should be aware of the fact that why PST files get corrupted? There could be various causes that will end up to PST file corruption thereby leading to data inaccessibility. In order to tackle such frustrating situation that will make your work to stand-still, there are some precautionary acts to be followed to help prevent the PST file from corruption.

Are you an Outlook user who is facing corruption in the Outlook PST file? Do not know how to overcome this hurdle? If yes, without any doubt, simply follow this article where we will elaborate the best tricks and solution to deal when the PST files get corrupted.

Yesterday when I launched Outlook application, I was unable to access emails, just because Outlook PST files got corrupted. Later, I approached the IT Admin to ask why PST files get corrupted and to solve the issue. He resolved the issue with Scanpst.exe as it was a minor corruption. I don’t want to take any more chance to risk my Outlook data getting corrupted. Hence, I am looking for some relevant tips that will help to prevent PST corruption in the coming days. Any ideas or tips will be highly appreciated!”

Why PST files get Corrupted – Possible Reasons

  • Oversized PST File: The PST files get corrupted when the size of Outlook mailbox exceeds beyond the limit. Moreover, the PST data item size may vary with respect to the Outlook version.

  • Abrupt Outlook Termination: An unexpected closing of Outlook application will end up getting errors while accessing the data from the PST next time.

  • Intrusion of Virus: At times, when a user opens an attachment, which contains virus can land you to corrupt the entire Outlook data.

  • Beware of Recovery Tools: You never know that the tool to recover the PST corruption can give you bad results. In which, it shows the garbage values either to the end or front of the file leading to PST file header corruption.

  • Hardware Issues: One of the reason behind why PST files get corrupted in case of any physical damage to the sectors in which the PST file is been stored.

Useful Tips to Prevent Outlook PST File from Corruption!

  • Save the Older Versions PST files in Less than 2GB

When it comes to older PST files like Outlook 2002 and the below versions, the storage capacity of the Outlook file is restricted only up to 2GB. Therefore, it is always best to save the PST data under these versions in less than or equal to 1.5GB. Doing this will help to deal when the PST files get corrupted and will save the agony of the Outlook PST corruption.

  • Do not Shut down the system when Outlook is Working

At times, users tend to shut down the system accidentally and later realize that Outlook has not been shut-down and it’s working. Users inappropriately terminates the Outlook application and then ask why PST files get corrupted.

The improper termination of the system without closing the Outlook application may lead the PST files to get corrupted. Under such circumstance, simply launch the Task Manager and check whether Outlook.exe is in process. If yes, then do not terminate the system until the process gets completed.

  • Ensure that the PST File Size Do not Exceed the Limit

Most of you might be aware of the fact that Outlook 2002 and previous versions allows only 2 GB storage capacity. While the Outlook version 2010 and the latest ones provides up to 50GB storage limit. Therefore, it is important to know that the PST is not getting exceeded beyond its capacity. This is because the large PST file is prone to get corrupt and also the overall performance of the Outlook application is degraded very badly.

Note: In the case of oversized Outlook PST file, one can make use of SysTools Split PST tool to split PST file into smaller and manageable parts.

  • Do not Save PST Files on Network Drive or Server

It is always the best practice to save the PST file on the local system rather than storing them on the server or the network drive. This is because it is difficult to access the PST file from the network environment and the chances of corruption is reduced to zero.

  • Stay Away to Work on Large Email Data

MS Outlook starts misbehaving when a user starts working on large email volumes. In the end, the user is forced to shut-down the system, which will later result in PST files get corrupted issue. The best way to avoid such situation is by working only on 1000 emails at first and later process the rest set of emails. For instance, if there comes a need to empty the Deleted Folders, which consists of more than 10,000 emails. Then, one must delete the initial 1000 emails at a time and so on.

  • Ensure that Outlook Add-ins Won’t Interrupt the PST

This is one of the common factor in which the PST files get corrupted. It is nothing but faulty Add-ins that is designed incorrectly, which will moreover disrupt the PST file. Under such state, all you need to do is disable the Add-ins and keep your PST files safe.

  • Beware of the Antivirus Installed on the System

Sometimes the Antivirus, which is been installed to protect your crucial PST files from virus attack can delete PST emails permanently. So be careful before installing the antivirus and make sure to buy them from the trusted site.

  • Always Backup the Outlook file on a Regular Basis

As you never know when the PST can get damage. Henceforth, it is advised to backup the Outlook data on a regular or weekly basis to keep the data safe on the local system. If in case if the PST files get corrupted in future, one can smoothly restore the files from the backup data.

Still hovering to find the best solution to tackle when PST files get corrupted?

SysTools PST Converter- An All-Rounder Solution to All PST Corruption Issues!

It is quite annoying to know that your PST files got corrupted even after following the aforesaid tips. The best solution to curb all your PST corruption issues is by converting the PST file to some file formats with the help of SysTools PST Converter tool. This tool is incorporated with cost-effective features that are capable to preview and convert even the damaged or password protected PST file to some reliable format like EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, VCF, ICS format. One can either convert the PST data to these formats to backup the data or import these file to some other email programs. It also provides an instant scanning of the PST and also generates a preview for the same. Furthermore, it is capable to convert both ANSI and Unicode PST file types.

Now, it’s no more a complex task to tackle the dreadful situation when PST files get corrupted!

Time to Wind Up

Now you must be aware of why PST files get corrupted and the various reason to resolve the issue. Taking all the point into consideration, we have disclosed some useful tips that will allow users to prevent their PST files from getting damaged. However, we human beings are prone to make mistakes and somehow the situation gets worse even after following the tips. Hence, it is suggested to backup the PST to the desired format using PST Converter tool.