Why choose C#?

C and c++ or Java these all are based on OOps Concept and C# also. But if you will spend some time playing around with C# and if you have knowledge of Java or C++ then you can learn C#. You will feel very easy, but… why you should choose C# programming language?.

When I talk to people about C#  I saw that they don’t like changes. All developers have common thoughts. And this is our thought also. In this article, I will tell you the advantages of C# language

Note: I support C# once developing desktop applications and perhaps games, however not for embedded systems, a period apps or kernels, therefore the following blessings area unit solely applicable to desktop apps.


C# language for Game Developer

Developers have widely used C# language with the help of “unity Game engine”(UGE). UGE is the best game engine Today. All the games which made in-game industries Those make Unity Game engine.UGE also has a VR feature. and Nowadays people like VR games. Just because of these reasons developers have a chance to do something new in their gaming field very easily 

C# is easy to compare to C family

C# is Known for high-level Programing language and flexible to read. It has many features that make it easy to learn. The programmer has to worry because of their complexity, and memory management. For being mastering you have to do more practice compare to python.C# syntax is very easy, So the Programmer has to do a bunch of coding for creating an advance program.

Advantage of C# Compare to C and C++

  • it was developed or the target architecture and operating system independently of the language

  • It uses CIL for compile language. It’s a major advantage of c# 

  • There is a facility to Automatic garbage collection

  • No need for the pointer.

  • Reflection capabilities

  • No need to worry about header files “.h”.

  • You can declare functions and classes in any order 

  • There is no need for a declaration of function and class.

  • circular dependencies

  • You can define Classes within classes

  • There are no global functions or variables, everything objects and method consist inside a class

  • Before using any value it initialized with zero. this feature comes by default but you can do manually by using a static constructor.

  • You haven’t permission to use non-boolean variables  as conditions.this made it very clean and less error-prone

Advantage Compare to Java Development

  • In C# You will get you to get elegant and friendly constructs such as Properties and Events. Instead of a lot of methods, private static class implementations, etc) And this feature makes C# faster than java.

  • You will have real generics, and you have the right to perform a reflection on them.

  • C# language is as simple as java.

  • C# uses Common intermediate language that’s why its a standard language while java use byte codes its not a standard language.

  • If objects were arrayed You can access the object by using indexers. 

  • Both are based on OOPS(Object-oriented programming language).

  • C# has additional feature Type safe by using type-safe code c# only access memory of the location and provide the best security management of the program.

  • Interoperability

  • if you need then you can access limited use of pointers, as when we calling unmanaged (native) libraries those don’t run on  the virtual machine (CLR)

  • Scalable and Updateable.

  • C# uses a Structured programming language.

  • Rich Library

  • Fast speed compares to java programing language.