What Will Happen When Blockchain Enters the Digital Marketing Arena?

Most of the people relate Blockchain to cryptocurrencies or appreciate its application in Healthcare and Supply chain domain. However, this is not what the potential of Blockchain is confined to. The technology can bring a wave of disruption in the digital marketing world as well, about which we will discuss in this article.


  1. Eradicating the Middleman

Currently, the marketers have to involve middleman like social media sites or Google for running ad campaigns and give a share of their income to them. But, with Blockchain entering the digital marketing world, the digital marketers would no longer need to rely upon these intermediaries. This will make the process faster and seamless as well as increase the income from the ad campaign.

  1. Providing Better Data

Considering the dynamic nature of organic SERPs, the track of the keywords flow and web page ranking gets hampered when the devices, nationality or algorithm changes. This issue can be easily entertained by the application of Blockchain technology. The technology can help everyone get an access to the data in real-time, regardless of whether the person is advertiser or content creator. In this way, this practice can help to introduce more accurate campaigns and enjoy higher ROI.


  1. Enhancing Privacy and Security

From the products we search to the blog we read online, the web browsers and ISPs keep a record of everything. This is an attack on the privacy and security of the users, which will be easily maintained by the application of Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain will eliminate the middleman like Google and Facebook and enable the digital marketing agencies to have direct control over the data stored on the network. Everyone will be able to see the data, but they won’t be able to alter or remove any data without the consent of the digital marketers.

Besides, the consumers will have complete control over their information. The marketers will have to get permission from the consumers before employing their information by any mean. The marketers will also have to pay a share of their profit to the consumers, to prove the value of their interactions and content.

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  1. Building Trust

With the characteristics of transparency, decentralization, and immutability, the Blockchain technology is also upgrading the trust level in the market. It is allowing the consumers to get an access to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ look of each information and content shared, and determine the trustworthy about each claim. In this way, it is enhancing the relationship between the customers and the digital marketing agencies, giving them access to better and fraud-free services.

Blockchain technology, as described in the aforementioned pointers, has the potential to turn the digital marketing world from head to toe. If you belong to Digital marketing, it is advisable to pay attention to each news related to the involvement of Blockchain in Digital marketing and embrace the technology for a better future.

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