Top 4 best Smartphones of 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best Smartphones to buy in 2019, so do not miss such a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge of these devices. In a versatile sales area, I am responsible for the electronics department. As such, I am in regular contact with customers who differ from each other. In reality, their expectations are not the same. I do, however, recognize that most potential buyers who visit my department are much more interested in Smartphones. Sometimes even parents ask me to help them choose models for their teenagers. From my experience, I have noticed that 5-inch Smartphones are the best ones for these targets and. Here are the top 4 best Smartphones that are currently available on gadgets pro in the online market.


A smartphone with a metallic design and thin borders, this is how you can define this Galaxy A7 smartphone. As usual, Samsung awakens the appreciation of its targets with a very innovative appearance. The manufacturer has well arranged the finishes and the performance of the phone are extremely valuable. A 5.5-inch screen has been made available for optimal data reading in all circumstances. Its AMOLED technology is very impressive, because thanks to the latter, the sun’s rays do not encroach on the quality of the display at all. Available in black, white and gold, this smartphone has everything a user can look for. Even its 16 GB storage space is suitable for storing files and applications at will. Count also on his camera 13 Mp and it’s ultra resistance battery to live and immortalize precious moments of your life.


This mid-range smartphone is a new release that brings together some innovations, unlike its predecessors. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is a phone with light and sober design. Compatible with 4G, this is the device you need if you want to live great experiences on the web. Also, the manufacturer has incorporated it the Bluetooth and GPS technology, for even greater connectivity. This product is guaranteed 2 years from the moment of acquisition. This means that even after buying it, you have 24 full months to report any malfunction. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has a 5.99-inch screen, a screen big enough to give you excellent readability in the dark as in the light. It should be noted however that this smartphone is a bit expensive, but at the same time has a storage memory of 64 GB.

3.      MEIZU PRO 5

Do you like top quality products? If so, it is certain that you will be conquered by the Meizu pro 5. It is a high-end Smartphone that has raised several levels on the market place. Ensuring a satisfactory display, its screen is 5.7 inches and incorporates AMOLED technology that generously refines the visual rendering of this device. In addition, the pro 5 has a lithium-ion battery very strong resistance. With him, you can surf and text for hours without worry. Its design is irresistibly beautiful, mixing white and silver for a sparkling look. Also, with the 2-year warranty and the 64GB storage memory offered by this advanced device, it’s hard for you to find something wrong. Its 21.1 MP camera is crystal clear, producing sharp photos and videos. Only its dual SIM card port is only suitable for Nano-SIM.


It’s common today to have two SIM cards or more. However, instead of putting them in two different phones, it’s easier to have a dual-chip smartphone like the DOOGEE VOYAGER. With a capacitive screen of 5 inches, the latter ensures your daily reading easy data. Other details such as its autonomy, its photosensor, and its storage memory are to be taken into account. About her battery, she can hold a maximum of 1 day in intensive use. His camera is quite correct, with a sensor of 8 Mp. It is true that this is not the pinnacle of photo rendering, but the pictures are of average quality. Its Dual Core processor ensures instant responsiveness of applications all the time. In short, this smartphone displays outstanding performance in several areas, even if its photo rendering remains perfectible.

Oppo f11 pro

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