The Best Strategy for Managing Used Mobile Phones: Repair or Replace

Mobile phones are the primary computing devices, synonymous to both entrepreneurial and personal usage. Therefore, it becomes essential for companies and even individuals to get their devices fixed, precisely for simplifying daily whereabouts. However, a major smartphone conundrum has to be the way smartphones or feature phones are treated after certain issues are encountered. One can either repair the same via MMS or Managed Mobility services or get the same replaced, provided the repair costs and warranties aren’t feasible enough. At the end, it’s all about creating the perfect mobile phone repair or replacement strategy for managing organizational and even personal devices.

The Organizational Dilemma

Enterprises often resort to Managed Mobility Services in order to get the employee devices fixed. However, most MMS firms fall short in one aspect or the other. Therefore, it is often advisable to go with Enterprise Mobility Management solutions that are capable of handling multiple factors while delivering excellent hardware and even software solutions. As IT services and BYOD policies are evolving with each passing day, it becomes important for the corporate agencies to create the best mobile phone management strategy for the employees. At the end, it’s all about selecting a third-party service that excels in both hardware management and software alignment while handling intricate aspects of screen repair. Not just that, organizational requirements also range from smartphone repairs to handset replacements, in case the former isn’t the most effective solution.

Device-as-a-Service is one such cohesive solution offered by HP that deals with software and hardware issues while offering cost-effective alternatives to the organization. Put simply, organizations are on the constant lookout for vendors that can take care of smartphone repairs or replacements, whichever looks like a more viable solution.

Personal Handset Management

As mentioned previously, even individuals are often confused when it comes to opting for repairs or replacements. The best strategy, however, would be to contact a genuine mobile phone repair service provider. Firms like Togofogo have skilled engineers who are capable of evaluating the entire device and sending out repair quotations, in case the pain points are detected. These startups have subsidiaries who also assist individuals with smartphone replacements; thereby offering the best possible market rates. Therefore, for a personal device, it is important to analyze the repairing and replacement costs in order to take the best decision regarding the used device.

How Modern Day MMS Services Look Like?

Managed Mobility Solutions specifically target companies where employees have a set of devices to work with. While integrating the hardware and software centric issues were initially hard, modern day MMS strategy aims at designing a device inventory while segmenting each on the basis of user requirements. A mature MMS service pattern takes the organizational requirements into account and quotes a flexible pricing model for better sustainability.

MMS segments handsets on the basis of usage, potential services, and frequency of repairs. Once the model is finalized, Managed Mobility Services educates the entire workforce regarding proper device management and standardized rules.

Certain companies have tie-ups with select firms under which they offer devices, OS access, and even network solutions to the employees— for a pretty nominal price point. This allows the company to keep a track of device condition while issuing repairs or replacements, if and when required. This approach makes way for frictionless mobility which eventually is expected to take over the corporate smartphone arena.

How Individuals can Design Strategies?

While employee device requirements are handled by the concerned organization, an individual needs to create his or her own device management strategy. Firstly, it is important to purchase a handset that hails from a popular brand. That way, the repair costs can be minimized in the long run as it becomes easier to identify spares. Apart from that, once the repair costs are finalized, it becomes important to analyze the expected timeline. In cases pertaining to device replacement, a perfect and genuine vendor must be identified before even taking a quotation. Another aspect that comes to the mind is the existing price tag of the concerned mobile phone. Most high-end and flagship devices attract exorbitant repair costs and more often than not, it’s feasible to purchase a new one rather than spending money on repairs. If we talk about used smartphone then many people prefer to sell it to buy new ones. But, some people go for repairing options also.

While corporate firms look at mobility solutions in order to devise the perfect strategy for used handsets, most individuals are on their own when it comes to attending an old device. A standard user, therefore, must look to find the best startup for getting hold of online or doorstep repairing or identify a reputed vendor for getting the device replaced.


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