Sandblasting: The Best Process You Can Choose To Remove Paints

There are several traditional methods of removing paint from the walls of your commercial or residential property: i.e. paint strippers, nail guns, sanding wheels, hot air guns, and scrapers, etc. paints are used to soothe two types of essential purposes. The first is to prevent the walls from entering all kinds of contaminants, thus losing their quality, and the second to make them aesthetic. Conventional paint stripping techniques usually very intense to be profitable and most of them do not leave a good finish.

For a quick and economical removal of paint from the surface of many substrates, like metal, concrete, stone or bricks, sandblasting is the ideal solution. The process is performed with equipment employing a high power air compressor connected to the sandblasting tank which is connected to the blast nozzle using a required length of blast hose. Modern abrasives such as ultra-fine aluminum silicate and soda bicarbonate allow the selective removal of paint from sensitive substrates such as bath stone, Portland stone, and sandstone.

A sandblasting machine uses a rig that includes a high-power compressor that supplies the abrasive from the blast pot under the blast hose and out through the blast nozzle. The abrasive materials used in the process are calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, iron silicate granules and even small pieces of nut and coconut shells. The commonly used abrasive is recycled glass. However, depending on the application, numerous other abrasives are available. From the steel blow to one end of the spectrum that will remove the thick scale of the mill, up to the baking soda at the other end, which will not even etch glass.

The process can also be used to remove paint from metal surfaces such as iron gates and railings, silos, tanks, machinery, and vehicles. The abrasion process can easily be performed using the necessary materials. It is also suggested that after removing the paint from metal surfaces, it should be immediately coated with a primer to prevent erosion of the surface. A simple primer coating must be provided so that it does not start to rust again. Corrosion is a quick reaction and can be done easily. So, without wasting time, the surface can be painted with a Stead blast primer using a spray or roller.

To rust and remove metal paints, using conventional methods is a very tedious and demanding task. Sandblasting makes this work light and can be used to prepare large steel works before recoating.

Uses, advantages, and disadvantages of sandblasting

There are many industrial sandblasting applications and some of them are:

1. Rust removal, oil, grease and other unwanted substance from the surface.

2. Paint Removal, Blast Cleaning, paint removal can be a difficult task if you are doing manual methods, but this procedure can be used to remove paint from the surfaces.

3. It is used for glass etching, which is best known for decorating surfaces.

The advantages of the process are:

• If it is a fast procedure as it uses different types of instruments.

• Cheap process: the price applied by companies on the Internet is quite convenient compared to the service provided.

• Easily available: you can find many of these professional companies involved in this process.

• Different types of materials can be used, as this process is applied to many requirements.

The disadvantages of sandblasting are:

• The materials used in the process can lead to various types of health risks, including internal and external problems.

• The equipment used in sandblasting must be handled with care.


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