Manual Steps to Merge 2 PST Files Into 1 in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

A lot of data is always difficult to manage for users. Same as managing multiple Outlook PST files is the big task. As a result, users are looking for a way to combine PST files without duplicates. In this blog, we will show how users can easily merge 2 PST files into 1 in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and all below editions using manual steps. We will also discuss how to merge multiple PST files into one without loss of data.

Why Merging PST Files is Beneficial?

There are many benefits to combine multiple Outlook PST files into one. Here are some goods:

  1. Easily manage multiple PST files to merge them into one file.

  2. One PST file is easily opened and accessible without compromising Outlook performance.

  3. To access multiple Outlook accounts data in one place.

  4. To avoid data loss or a misplaced problem combine PST files into one in Outlook.

  5. Receive or send files from a team or a family member.

Manual Solution to Merge 2 PST Files Into 1 in Outlook

You can easily combine two PST files into a single one using these manual steps that are mentioned below. First, create a new PST file then import all old PST files into a new PST file.

  1. Open Outlook, select New Items >> More Items >> Outlook Data Files.

  2. Now, give a name for your new PST file and save it.

  3. Again open MS Outlook, go to the File tab >> Open & Export >> Import >> Import from another program or file.

  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) option.

  5. Browse the PST file which you want to import and also select “Do not import duplicates option

  6. Next, select which folder you want to import.

  7. Check the Include subfolders and Import items into the same folder boxes.

  8. Click on Finish button.

Note: Once the import process is complete, you can repeat the same steps to import other PST files into a new PST file. You only import 1 PST file at a time. The manual approach is preferable when you only need to merge 4 or 5 Outlook data files. Otherwise, the process takes a lot of time and is tricky.

Reliable Solution to Merge Multiple PST Files into One

In the above section, we learn how to merge 2 PST files into 1 in Outlook by manually. We will now learn how to combine multiple PST files into a single PST file using the best PST Merge software by SysTools. It is an amazing utility for combining Outlook PST data files together. The software is able to merge PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and all below editions. It has 3 options: Join, Merge and Merge Contacts. If you want to create a new folder for merged PST file, then choose Join PST files option. When you need to merge multiple similar folders like inbox, sent items into a single inbox and sent items file, choose Merge option. And, if you merge Outlook contacts only, simply go to the Merge Contacts option.

Steps to Combine Multiple Outlook PST Files Into Single File

Step 1. Download and launch the Outlook PST Combiner software.

Step 2. Add Outlook PST files from Add Files or Add Folder option.

Step 3. Choose an option: Join, Merge or Merge Contacts.

Step 4. In the next section, choose split PST file option to reduce PST file size and also choose to Remove Duplicate option to merge Outlook PST files remove duplicates.

Step 5. Browse to select the location to save merged PST file and then click Merge PST files button.

Now, after the merging Outlook .pst files into single one process is done, go to the selected folder location and review the merged PST file. The software is 100% safe and offers to merge 2 PST files into 1 and also able to combine multiple Outlook PST files into one with complete accuracy rate.

Attractive Features of Outlook PST Combiner Tool

  • Merge Outlook Folders:- The software easily merge multiple inboxes into a single inbox.pst file without altering any kind of data.

  • Merge Outlook Contacts:- The tool is able to combine contacts in Outlook and remove duplicates. That means you can easily remove or merge duplicates contacts in Outlook at one place.

  • Combine Outlook Archives:- It also capable to merge PST archive file with another Pst file with all data elements.

  • Merge Outlook Data Files:- With this tool, you can easily combine Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, and other data into a single file with their all attachments.

  • Supports All Windows OS Versions:- The tool compatible with all Windows Operating System versions, so you can effortlessly merge PST files in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and others.

Concluding Words

In this post, first, we discussed the manual steps to merge 2 PST files into 1 PST. After that explained the automated solution to merge multiple PST files into one without duplicates. You can choose any of the solutions which are suitable to fulfill your needs.