Keep Roaches Away From Your Home Air Conditioning System

Although the fall season is right around the corner, many parts of the US, especially the Southern states, still rely on air conditioners to stay cool and comfortable indoors. This practice continues well into the winter months and places considerable strain on the system, prompting residents of Largo, and other warm, humid areas to call for AC repair and maintenance services. However, the job description of an AC technician involves a lot more than cleaning the units and fixing operations problems; more often than not, these professionals carry out thorough inspections to make sure all the components inside the machine are working correctly. Such frequent check-ups also help detect and resolve issues with the AC before it’s too late. Take, for instance, the case of roaches.

As the outdoor temperature begins to drop, these critters look for warmth and the heat generated by the AC condenser unit lures them to your garden or backyard. Once inside, the bugs multiply rapidly, and it’s only a matter of time before they use the central AC ducting to come indoors and terrorize your family. So, roaches might not be detrimental to the condition and performance of your AC like rats, but it can be off-putting to see hundreds of these creatures inside your house. However, children are allergic to cockroaches and may develop asthma from prolonged exposure. What’s more, cockroaches carry pathogens causing leprosy, tuberculosis, cholera, and other diseases. Prioritize your family’s health and gain peace of mind by eradicating your roach problem early on.

Why Implement Cockroach Countermeasures Before the Fall

For most of the country, the roach problem is limited to the summer months. Why? Because Palmetto bugs become more active as the weather gets hotter. Their movements and metabolism speed up as well. Unfortunately, the warm climate in Largo, and other Floridian cities is conducive to breeding year-round. The newly hatched babies grow and feed at alarming rates. They are instinctively drawn to heat but avoid direct sunlight. That’s why the fall season in these cities sees a sudden boost in the roach population – not enough sun rays, just enough warmth. Cockroaches also require copious amounts of water for survival, which is why they take up residence inside the AC condenser where water from the drain pan gets collected. So, in hot and humid Largo, it is not uncommon for homeowners to wake up and discover a waterbug or two skittering near their outdoor AC units. Scary! Isn’t it? The good news is you can prevent the infestation. Here are some of the  best preventive measures to follow:

·  Install Screens on AC Air Vents

Cockroaches and other insects can access your condenser unit and your home via exterior air vents. The simplest solution is to install wire mesh screens, preferably the aluminum variety, that conceal the entire vent system.

·  Apply Boric Acid

Most of the cockroach species that are found in Florida are susceptible to boric acid. Apply copious amounts of the substance around the unit, taking care to avoid the airways.

·  Maintain Surrounding Foliage

Cockroaches will often hide out in bushes and shrubs. They might even use stray branches and limbs to enter the condenser unit. For that reason, you should sweep nearby debris and keep shrubs and hedges properly trimmed.

·  Eliminate Openings

During installation, the AC technician should take care not to leave any unexpected openings in the condenser system. Creepy crawlies easily find their way inside through the smallest nooks and crannies.

Not all these measures are, however, foolproof, and therefore, despite your efforts, you still might find some of these crawling creatures near or inside your home.  Do not panic. Call the pest control. Also, contact AC repair services in Largo to examine and seal the potential entry points on the condenser unit. Besides getting rid of critters, you benefit from a system inspection and tune-up for improved performance.