Important Factors Of Email Anti-Spam Security For Office 365 Consumers!

Microsoft has introduced multiple filters for spam emails to exchange online protection and office 365 service. The aim to introduce these filters is to add safety to emails from the day, one gets the first email message. To avoid spam to affect your office 365 account, users may desire to make changes to security settings to address a certain issue in the organisation or to just fine tune the settings to tailor them to meet certain requirements of the company. For accomplishing this purpose, the solution is; changing settings of anti-spam in office 365 compliance and security center 

The motive of this article is to help administrators of office 365. In case, you do not have admin rights, yet you use office 365 and seek ways to deal with growing spam messages that you get, it is not a helpful article for you. The key purpose of this article is just to make administrators aware of the ways to avoid spam to affect office 365 accounts.  

Use of Connection Filtering –  

By using connection filtering to prevent spamming, you can make office 365 to evaluate the sender’s reputation before letting a message to get across. Here, users can make a secure sender list, or allow list to enable one to receive messages sent to them from a certain IP address. In addition, it also allows you to make an IP addresses list from which you can determine block messages, or which to call the block list. In office 365, connection filtering is a great way to prevent spam.  

Those who have bought advanced threat protection licenses, or are users of office 365 enterprise E5 version, the option for connection filtering also works well with spoof intelligence to make senders allow/block lists who spoof your web domain.  

Taking Benefit from Spam Filtering –  

MS office 365 evaluates messages featuring consistency with the spam along with spam filtering. Here, one can change actions required to be taken for messages noted as spam, and also select if messages which are written in certain languages and coming from certain regions should be filtered or not. Moreover, there is also an option to turn advanced spam filtering on when one seeks to follow a powerful approach for spam filtering. Besides it, one can also configure spam notifications for end-users to update them when a message intends to them had sent to a quarantine. All these notifications enable end users to launch false positives along with reporting messages to Microsoft for further analysis.  

More Information On Preventing Spam In Your Office 365 Accounts – 

Look Into Outgoing Messages To Avoid Spam At MS Office 365 – Using Outbound Filtering Option –  

MS office 365 also evaluates to ensure that your office 365 users should not send spam across. For example, a computer of a user can be infected with some virus or malware; under its influence, it may send some spam messages. Therefore, Microsoft introduces security against such instances with outbound filtering. Depending on your spamming issue, you can turn on or off this option of outbound filtering. All who are worried about preventing spam from exchange online should go with outbound filtering as it is the best solution to deal with spam.  

Fighting Against Spam With Rules of Mail Flow –  

If you think of some advanced solutions to deal with spam in office 365, then think of something beyond the basics. Do not satisfy yourself with merely inbuilt spam filtering options, but go with advanced solutions. For this purpose, prepare your custom rules as per your company policies with rules for mail flow, which are also named as transport rules. Transport rules are another spam filtering solution that enables one to avoid spam in MS office 365.  

Go With Email Authentication Solution –  

All techniques which are based on DNS to include verifiable data or update emails on the sender of a message are referred to as email authentication. office 365 administrators who seek more advanced spam filtering solution can take benefit from this email authentication solution as below:  

Email Authentication With SPF – SPF that stands for sender policy framework authenticates the source of an email by validating the sender’s IP address against the claimed owner of the domain from where the email is sent. By configuring SPF method on your office 365 account, you can get the benefit of preventing spam with email authentication.  

DKIM Based Email Authentication – DKIM or domain keys identified mail allows one to link the webbased signature to all email messages within the email’s message header that you send. The email systems which get the email message from your domain utilise your web signature to ensure if the incoming email messages are legitimate or not.  

DMARC – DMARC or domainbased message authentication, reporting, and conformance enable mail receiving systems ensure the right step to take against messages that do not pass through DKIM or SPF checks and offers better trust for all email partners. For all those who are worried for phishing, spam, or even spoofing issues in MS office 365 should go with DMARC, DKIM or SPF methods altogether as they all will help you battling against undesired spoofing and spam.

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