How Do I Remove VBA Excel Macro Password? – Get Direct Solution

Recently, I was working with one of my VBA projects and required my VBA Excel Macro Password to open the file. Unfortunately, I forgot the password which I set for VBA Excel file. I solemnly wanted to remove VBA Excel Macro password but I was not able to find any simple yet reliable way to get out of the predicament. My first question to everyone was whether there was any way to open and view content from VBA Excel, without losing data. This file is was very important for me and I couldn’t afford to lose data associated with it”

Are you also facing the similar problem? Forgot the password associated with the VBA Excel file? Do not panic, we are here for you. In this blog, we are going to introduce a versatile and simple approach to eliminate / remover VBA excel password.

Visual Basic for Application or VBA is an element of MS Office and is used in various Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, etc. Basically, VBA is a filename extension for visual basic file and also contains the visual basic code. This file is used to add the functionality to Office Suite and automate routine tasks in MS Excel. Sometimes, users apply a password to VBA project or file to protect them from unauthorized access. In some scenarios, the users forget the password and need to remove the old password associated with the file. However, users are not able to find an instant yet reliable way to remove VBA Excel Macro password. Thus, to help out all the users struggling with similar issues, we are going to introduce an automated way to eliminate password associated with VBA Excel Macros file.

How to Remove VBA Excel Macro Password – Safe and Reliable Way

Sometimes, to protect the VBA Excel Macros file from unauthorized access, users add the password to the file. However, in some situations, users forget the password associated with the file and are not able to open and view documents. Thus, to eliminate the VBA Excel Macro password, the user can opt for VBA Password Remover. This utility is very helpful and easy to implement. Using this, user can unlock as well as recover password from protected VBA File/Macro/Project simultaneously.

The utility is associated with various functionalities such as compatibility with all of the MS Office file formats like DOC/DOT/XLS/MDB capability to recover password of any length, type or combination, recover VBA Macros file password. The tool removes the older password associated with the VBA File, Macros or Project and generates a new password to open and view the file. One can easily work with the tool without any compatibility issues as the software supports Windows OS and Microsoft Office. To eliminate the VBA Macros or Project password, follow the steps explained below:

  1. First of all, download and install SysTools VBA Password Recovery utility on your system .

  2. Next, click on the Browse button to insert password applied for protected VBA Project, File or Macros.

  3. Now, the software will remove the old password and will generate a new password. You will see a message ‘VBA Password Removed Successfully’ on your system’s screen

  4. Finally, you need to add the new password generated by the software and open your VBA file

You Must Be Thinking!

Is There Any Manual Method To Remove VBA Excel Macro Password?

Yes, the user can use Hex Editor to eliminate the password associated with VBA file. But, there are more chances that the data would be lost during the process. It is recommended to use a reliable and error-free solution, i.e., VBA Password Recovery Tool, to remove any type of password, applied to VBA File/Macros/Project.

Summing Up

Most of the Users face dilemma while opening password protected VBA file, if they are not able to recall the password. Users have option to opt manual ways but that approach could lead to data loss so needs to be avoided. Here, tool fits in the picture perfectly as it eliminates VBA file password that too without any data loss, so highly recommended for the users who searching for how do I remove VBA Excel Macro password. Using this, the user can easily remove the old password and generate a new password to open and view VBA File, Project or Macros in an effortless way.