How Can I Remove Virus from My SD Card – Know The Exact Solution

In this article, you know the exact solution to remove the virus from your SD card. Here we will discuss the manual solution and third-party software. This article also tells how SD Cards are attacked by a virus, how to detect a virus, and what happens when an SD Card gets infected by a virus. Read on to learn more.

Users SD card is infected with a virus, and users have lost access to entire their important files stored in SD card. This is troubling because losing multiple crucial files is unimaginable. Well, SD cards are susceptible to virus infection when compared to another storage device because they are used on PC, laptops, Mobile, Android Phones, cameras, and many other devices. They can be simply attacked in and out to various storage devices, and it makes them vulnerable to getting infected.

Alright, the SD card is infected with the virus. The next step is to act rapidly and get rid of the virus. But how can I remove the virus from my SD card, because all data present on the card will be deleted after the virus infected? No need to worry this is possible to get rid of the virus from SD card. Here are some steps to remove the virus from the SD card.

Using CMD to Remove Virus from SD Card

  • Attach the virus infected memory card to your Windows PC

  • Then, go to Start menu, Write cmd in search bar click Enter

  • Users will find ‘Command Prompt’ under the list of application

  • Right hit on Command Prompt, and choose Run as administrator. users will acquire the Command prompt window.

  • Now write the following command and press Enter – attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*

Now the virus infected SD card will be recovered. Once the procedure is completed, users can check if your card is working all fine. However, the CMD method is sometimes temporary. The problem might not be solved completely.

Use Reliable Anti-virus software To Remove Virus from SD Card

If the above method is not capable to remove a virus from SD card. Then, try the next step is to use anti-virus software to remove the virus. Make sure to use a reliable and updated version of the software so that it gives complete security. Install the anti-virus software, and run a scan to identify and get rid of the virus.

Format the Card To Remove Virus from SD Card

If all the above method doesn’t work out, then users can try the last option to remove the virus is to format the SD card. Go for a fast format if the anti-virus software is unable to remove the virus. But before formatting, you need to take backup. Since users have lost access to SD card, users cannot capable to take the backup copy. Thus you end up losing SD card data. But don’t worry as it is still possible to restore files using an SD Card Recovery software. You can recover all types of data like photos, videos, multimedia etc. from formatted SD card with ease. So if users formatting their SD card, then data recovery is possible with this software.

Remember Few Tips To Get Rid Of Virus

  1. Scan your SD card on a regular basis

  2. Backup important files without fail

  3. Always use reliable anti-virus software

Users Queries

I have Sandisk 32 GB SD card. I am using this last three years. Today morning I had gone to the cyber cafe and I attached my SD card to the computer to copy a few important data. When I came to my home and connect SD card to phone. I saw my SD card is empty. There is no data. My all files saved from Chinese name. I am very disappointed with this. I think due to virus attack my all files save like this and virus remove my original files name. But I don’t know how can I remove the virus from my SD card. Please Suggest me the better solution. Because of lots of important data on my SD card.

Here is the solution of virus-infected data from SD card. Users faced problems like this.


According to me this article will useful for every user. Losing memorial and precious data from SD card it is not less than the nightmare situation. This situation can come in anyone life at any point of the time. In this article, we provided you three situation you can choose any according to your convenient. But remember one thing CMD method is not easy. It is a complicated method. If you have done any silly mistake your data will be deleted permanently. So that’s why when you are trying this method please be careful.

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