Get Flexibility, Power and Security with Germany Dedicated Server

Germany Server Hosting –

If you have long been waiting for a sign to shift to a more powerful and bigger server for hosting huge amounts of data, then Germany Dedicated Server is for new modern website.

Onlive Server provide low cost and high performance Germany dedicated hosting solutions with its London data center- the most powerful and the fastest servers on the planet. If you are in the look out of more disk space, more RAM and more bandwidth, your worries are over now. there is no need for you to fight over server space as the powerful, highly efficient and reliable hosting packages in Germany come with 24/7 unrestricted dedicated server hosting support.

Features of Germany Dedicated Server Hosting

You get complete control of the server with different control panel options and operating systems. dedicated servers in Germany has some amazing features available at the most affordable rates. There is just one IP address available while additional IP addresses can be availed on request. The setup time for the serve is zero to 24 hours.

If you are thinking of installing or updating server software, you also get to run security checks. This helps you in managing the amount of dish space and RAM your site uses. All these tasks can easily be carried out from your user account.

Some frequently asked questions about dedicated server hosting in Germany and their answers have been provided below:

1.  Which dedicated server should be chosen?

If your assignments demand more resources then make the choice of dedicated servers with powerful processors and high levels of RAM. However, for limited time power, select pay-as-you-use dedicated servers with billings made on an hourly basis.

2.  How are SSD and HDD different?

SSDs offer almost double the speed of HDDs in I/O benchmarking examinations. This means that SSD is faster.

3.  What are fully dedicated and semi-dedicated servers?

Fully dedicated and semi-dedicated servers are perfect solutions for well-known websites, online stores, large organizations and presence or reseller providers. They provide bespoke specifications.

 4. What is managed server monitoring?

It is a procedure that has been specifically designed for individuals who want their websites to be managed by experts so that they do not have to worry about updates, maintenance, renewals and upgrades.

5. How do dedicated servers Germany work?

They offer incomparable control and customization on the server. You get the freedom of customizing your operating system, CPU, RAM and storage.  User will get cPanel, Direct Admin and Plesk. Hence, it can rightly be said that by going for Germany VPS Hosting solutions, you get complete control on the server.

Ideally Suited to Large Websites

Ideal for sites with huge traffic, large businesses and advanced level users with a lot of data, dedicated server in Germany is carefully crafted and rated to perfectly suit the varying requirements of the users. You can avail unrestricted website hosting by going for these affordable and high performance dedicated servers with the guarantee of no other match in prices. One of the most prolific benefits of going for a dedicated server hosting solution is that it brings about a reduction in chances of data loss and hard drive crashes. This is mainly because there is absolutely no competition with the other users on the server space.