Digital India is a  campaign released by the Government of India to make sure that the Government offerings which are made by the Government are available for all citizens electronically by means of progressed online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity. The concept was launched by the Government on 1st July 2015. Digital India Programme was negotiated by PM Narendra Modi in order to give advanced facilities to every single part of our India including the Rural Sector. The key word for this project or we can say the actual motto for this project was the  POWER TO EMPOWER. The main motive of Government to start this  project of Digital India is to make Digitally accredit in the field of technology. The Government not only wants to make the secure and stable Digital infrastructure but also to make sure that these Digital facilities are available to every part of the world including the local community or we can say the Rural Areas. The Government also wants to increase the Digital Literacy in India so that people will be aware about the different aspects of technology and also that they can take the complete advantage of this excellent campaign which was negotiated by our Government. This virtual revolution is also known as ‘The Internet Economic System’. This revolution is expected to generate new marketplace increase possibilities of jobs and end up the most important enterprise possibility for groups within the subsequent 30 to 40 years.

The Digital Evolution in India is increasing day by day, at a time now it is at its peak. The programme Digital India was started by PM Narendra Modi. The Government of India entity Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) which executes the BharatNet task is the custodian of Digital India (DI) task. It was claimed by the Bharat Net that the  BharatNet will join all the 625,000 villages of India with technology by using December 2018. His main motive to start this programme is to spread awareness of Digital Literacy and also to hook up the village areas or Rural Areas with high-speed internet connection. This has lead to inclusive growth in areas of digital offerings, products, manufacturing, and other possible activities. Many other facilities were also started by the government like UPI Integration, Bharat net, Digital Locker, E-Education, E-Health, E-sign, E-shopping , national scholarship portal, BHIM app. All these facilities have their own importance For Example: Digital Locker or Digi Locker is a secure process and it made so that the people can store their personal details regarding identifying in their Digi Locker only by signing in through their Id and save it on cloud. It helps the people to travel without their identity proofs because of digi Locker stores all information. There is another app i.e. eHospital application. It provides many important services to peoples which are online registration, payment of fees and appointment, online diagnostic reports, enquiring availability of blood online etc. Therefore all these app gives their own contribution to the project of Digital India and with the contribution of these apps the Government becomes capable in spreading this vast concept all over India. The project Digital India also give rise to online payment via Paytm.  All of them were working their best on the concept of Digital India and they had shown the necessity of a digital framework to every single individual. The programme has been favored by more than one countries inclusive of the United States, Japan, South Korea, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. At the launch ceremony of Digital India Week via Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on 1 July 2015, pinnacle CEOs from India and abroad dedicated to making investments ₹224. Five lakh crore (US$3.Three trillion) toward this initiative. The CEOs stated the investments might be applied in the direction of making smartphones and internet gadgets at a lower priced fee in India which might help generate jobs in India as well as lessen the cost of importing them from abroad. The impact of Digitalization was so vast that the internet subscribers have extended to 500 million in India till April 2017. On 28 December 2015, Panchkula district of Haryana was presented for being the best as well as pinnacle performing district inside the nation under the Digital India marketing campaign.

The concept is moving on a positive track. This has led to an increase in a number of Internet Users and growth rate. The Jio also gave its contribution to this concept. With the help of Jio the 4G internet is also available in rural parts. Jio had also launched its mobile phones and internet connection at low prices so that every single individual can enjoy the Digital Concept.

Digital evolution can be seen everywhere whether it is the educational sector or healthcare sector. This is the best project which the government has started which has so many facilities of paying money even by sitting at respective homes. If in such a less time the government had took India to an another level of digital growth then there will surely be high positive growth in upcoming years. We can easily get information about digital India news  from different sites but they may not be

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