Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

Most people want the affection of wearable gadgets which claps in the arms such as smartwatches, user use the smartwatches with alacrity or with cordiality acceptance. It is the part of future luxury life where people are more preferring easy to care technology such as galaxy watch and some Samsung gear s2 watch apps have changed the life of wearing luxury watches with its more possibility with the device and also the premium look that makes people see its sexy style.

They say that doctor is available 24/7 with you only at $230, which means that this watch will tell your heartbeat, blood pressure, daily diet schedule, and many more things which you are updated from you’re your family doctor.

Top 5 Upcoming SmartWatches Till 2019

Going further with other details and rumors, some best upcoming Smartwatches from different brands for 2018 and 2019

1) Summit 2 By Montblanc:

Montblanc has announced that they are shifting toward smartwatches as well, where Summit 2 will be an upgrade of smartwatches that have the ultimate connection with a different platform. It will be the best companion of fine matchmaking technique with the advanced smart chips to connect with Android and iOS devices and state the art of wearable watch technology.

2) Apple Watch Series 4:

The long rumored  Apple Watch Series 4 has been launched last week with some nifty feature. Low and high heart rate notifications. Fall detection and Emergency SOS. New Breathe watch faces. It’s designed to improve your health every day and powerful enough to help protect it. It has the largest Apple Watch display yet. New electrical heart sensor. Re-engineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback. Entirely familiar, yet completely new, Apple Watch Series 4 resets the standard for what a watch can be.

3) Google Pixel Watch:

It does not confirm but as the rumors, the Google will be launching its smart Pixel Watch in 2019 which will have the 3D effects screen and some holograph module technical software that will upgrade the SmartWatch into next level. The smartwatch has been launched with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL but due to some technology they stop but soon we will be wearing Google Pixel Watch that gives us the premium look.

4) Casio WSD-F30:

Casio will launch its update smartwatch in 2019, as per news the model was launching in Fifa 2018 but maybe some updating required for the model or something else. It will be clear only when we are wearing this Smart Casio on our wrest. The Watch will be in blue and orange color with black options color, also add the MIL-STG-810G which make this product the best sports and nonbreakable watch. The screen comes with a monochrome LCD of 1.2 inch which is good that the size of the watch will no much big as other Casio does. This Casino smartwatch gives GPS, accelerometer, OS, Gyroscope sensor and Pressure sensors.

5) Louis Vuitton:

LV is one of the luxurious watches on the market which also coming towards the smartwatches technology, it comes with the medical sensor such as heartbeat, blood pressure, diet management, and other necessary features. There is no much update from this company only all the sports features will be updated with Qualcomm Snapdragon to make the device fast.

We hope that you make your mind for the next smartwatch to buy comment us if any feature you like to have on your watch.