A guide to Atal Tinkering Labs and important facts one should know

Remember when we used to think if we have got practical education rather than understanding what’s written on blackboard? Today it is possible due to advancement in Technology. Here, let me tell you how.

Do you know what Atal tinkering labs are? This is a new innovation and way to provide the real practical knowledge to over 1,500 new schools. As per the recent announcement, in India, these new schools will be facilitated with ATL which is an amazing mission. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire the required knowledge on it. Here are a few amazing points that you should remember about this new programme at the schools in India.

  • ATLs are established to provide an amazing play workspace for the students who are in class from 6 to 12. These labs will stimulate the innovation that will combine technology and science.
  • This program is likely to add 1,500 schools. It has started last year, the target is to cover over 2,441 schools in the years to come.
  • The ultimate aim of the Atal Labs is to provide the entrepreneurship and innovation in the schools, industry and universities. As per a statement from NITI Aayog, the ultimate vision is to “cultivate one million children in India as the innovation of tomorrow”.
  • These new labs are open-ended workspaces that are equipped with the latest state-of-art technology such as robotics, 3D printers, internet, sensor technology kite, miniaturised electronics, etc. This is to enable students to gain adequate knowledge of the emerging technology and learn to solve local community problems.
  • As per ATL mission director R.Ramanan, the main intention of the ATL is to provide an active engagement for accomplishing the mission to transform India into an innovative country.
  • So far schools that have ATL setup already started using the creative technology platform to enrich their knowledge and nurture bookish knowledge into the practical experiments. They have started designing the prototype solutions and giving birth to creative projects that can better the waste management, provide better irrigation management and other solution to complex problems in the country. These labs are best to increase student’s capability to use IOT devices and robotics in the labs.
  • Once the new schools are added to the Atal tinkering labs, this will have coverage to over 98% of the smart cities of the country. This will also result in covering 93% of the districts i.e. over 655 districts. This is best ensured that at least one or more ATL will be established in 34 states and union territories in India.
  • So far under this project, 2441 schools have been selected from overall 25,000 applications. This is further to increase in requirement.

Now it is the duty of the schools to implement the concept and make this effort successful in India within a specified time. For more detail, visit the website and you will find the ultimate concept of the project and what will be the outcome once the project is completely a success. With this, students will definitely have new ways to earn and make the life of every individual better with the use of technology and innovative ideas.