2 Significant Factors through which Flash Still Rule Website Design Landscape

With the advent of the World Wide Web, there were many technologies right form that moment that helped companies and individuals to build a good presence online. While static and text-only pages dominated the initial few years of the Internet, things started to look exciting the moment animation and graphics saw the daylight. And it radically changed the way we used to look at the web pages.

From static, text-heavy pages to splashy animations, web pages started to look the part and made people browse through web pages with lots of interest. Flash is one of the earliest products that were introduced in the market and while there are lots of more advanced softwares and tools available now, it still has its share or market. It is easy to use and make web designing easy for designers.

The Role of Flash Animation in e-Commerce Websites

If we talk about e-commerce websites and online shopping portals, we can safely say that there are lots of such websites which use Flash animation to their advantage. To showcase products and digital brochures, a flash presentation or a short movie fits the bill perfectly. For the visitors of a website, it saves them a lot of time as they can browse through an e-catalog or short videos based on flash and get to the product they have in mind.

If you take into account the online websites operating from UAE, and in particular based in Dubai, you will notice that a handful of them some kind of animation/short videos as discussed above. People associated to creating website like designers or offering website development in dubai, like Flash very much and offer a good dose of this software in the websites they develop and design.

Let me offer you some insight about how flash is used and what challenges it faces from other such softwares/programming techniques.

1. A Place in the Modern Web Design

In spite of many new softwares available, Adobe Flash, with Adobe being the company now marketing Flash, is still a force to reckon with. There are many ways in which it is one of the easiest and most widely used software. Used primarily by startups, small businesses and e-commerce ventures, it is still in the race when we talk of modern web development. While advance CSS/HTML sites offer lots of features that Flash can’t handle well, the animation part is till where Flash has an upper hand.

The user interaction is a key aspect for which flash animation is especially lapped up by developers and designers worldwide. In fact, animation and videos are now used to even get feedback for a website in a visual form. Two good examples in this concern are the use of mouse-over and clicks that a visitor of a website can use to offer his feedback. This create the best user experience in this concern and offer a seamless yet exciting way for companies to get engaged with their target market.

2. A Good Role in Entertainment and Multimedia Websites

Flash has dominated the entertainment websites for over 2 decades now with the emphasis on offering extensive audio and visual effects and rich user interaction. There are many ways in which, as discussed above, a simple animation or video can save several precious minutes of a website visitor. The information he can get via an animation or a short video on a movie portal can save a lot of time, which he can spend in checking out the website in its entirety rather than reading through boring text.

News websites and information portals also offer flash integration and can make people go through lots of information and news in a jiffy. This is one of the best uses of an animation so that there are many aspects related to Flash that can be termed as a win-win scenario for both the website owners and the general visitors.

Final Word

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