14 Best Reason That AI is Beneficial For Society or Not

Ai is popular in the world and rise in business and in general. It is very beneficial for business purpose for a long run.

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly and science fiction considers it as a robot with human-like characteristics.

It can surround anything from Google search algorithms to IBM Watson to independent weapons. Nowadays it is known as narrow AI or weak AI because it is designed to perform a narrow task.

For example only for facial recognition or only for internet searches or only for driving a car.

It can take over those time-consuming tasks that are bogging your employees down. In 2020, the cost of AI is expected to reach $46 billion.

Adding Artificial Intelligence into your business will increase your performance and it is the next step as you look for ways to advance your operations.

To understand how Artificial Intelligence will impact your business going forward and why it is a detriment or a benefit to society, there is 14 reason is given above the paragraph.

1. Enhances Efficiency And Throughput

Artificial intelligence is beneficial for society because it enhances our efficiency and throughput. It creates new opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings and job creation.

For example automobiles, it took years to develop regulation around the industry to make it safe.

2. Frees Up Humans To Do Their Best

Human beings are not doing some tedious tasks because of lack of knowledge. Machines can do tedious tasks, so this is where AI can provide a true benefit.

This allows us to do the more interpersonal and creative aspects of work and production and time for production is becomes less.

3. Adds Jobs, Strengthens The Economy 

In the newspaper, We all see the headlines that Robots and AI will destroy jobs but this is fiction, not a fact. It encourages evolution in the job with the right preparation.

Human beings are still working but with the help of AI, they will work better. Due to an unparalleled combination of human and machine, there will be new normal in the workforce.

4. Leads To Loss Of Control

If machines get smarter than humans than there could be a chance of losing controls and it can be a detriment.

5. Enhances Our Lifestyle

The rise of AI in our society or in business will enhance our lifestyle and create a more efficient society and business.

Some of the mundane tasks will be done by intelligent assistants such as answering emails and data entry.

It provides more security than other technology and it reduces energy usage, marketing will be more targeted and we will get better health care.

6. Supervises Learning For Telemedicine

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can be used for good and nefarious purposes.

The new technologies seem typically applied towards the wealthiest among us but AI has the potential to extend knowledge and understanding to a population.

For example, image-based AI diagnoses of medical conditions could allow for a more comprehensive deployment of telemedicine.

7. Creates Unintended And Unforeseen Consequences

While fears about killer robots grab headlines unforeseen and unintended consequences of artificial intelligence need attention today, as we are already living with them.

For example, recently Facebook newsfeed algorithm influenced an election outcome that affected geopolitics. How we can better anticipate and address such possible outcomes in the future?

8. Increases Automation

Due to AI, There will be economic consequences to the widespread adoption of machine learning and other technologies.

It is capable of performing various different tasks which is not possible for humans and it can do tasks in the very short period.

The major benefit of business will be a reduction in operational costs brought by AI automation but whether that is positive for society or not.

9. Elevates The Condition Of Mankind

The ability of technology such as to solve problems, answer more questions and innovate with a number of inputs beyond the capacity of the human brain can be used for the good or bad thing.

The improvement of technology leads to elevating the condition of mankind and it allows humans to concentrate on higher-order functions and it can also improve the quality of life.

10. Solves Complex Social Problems

More fear of AI is due to the misunderstanding of what it is and how it should be applied.

Although it has the ability to solve complex social problems, there are ethical issues and biases we must still explore.

We are just beginning to understand how it can be applied to meaningful problems. As our use of AI matures and we will find it to be a clear benefit in our lives.

11. Improves Demand Side Management 

It is more beneficial for society because it can become smarter some time and increase efficiencies. Additionally, computers are not susceptible to the same probability of errors but human beings are.

From an energy standpoint, it can be used to analyze and research historical data to determine how to most efficiently distribute energy loads from a grid perspective.

12. Benefits Multiple Industries

Society has benefit from AI which is based on character or facial recognition, digital content analysis and accuracy in identifying patterns.

It has risks if we do not understand the quality of the incoming data. It rules which are making granular trade-off decisions at increasing computing speeds.

13. Absolves Humans Of All Responsibility 

It is one thing to use machine learning to predict and solve problems. It is quite difficult to use these systems and control and act in ways that will make people unnecessary.

When machine exceeds human ability to understand it or it becomes superior intelligence. We should take care not to blindly follow its recommendation and absolve ourselves of all responsibility.

 14. Extends And Expands Creativity

It is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime to extend and expand human creativity.

The two main reason that why artificial intelligence is bad are it leads to job losses in the society and it going rogue and taking control of the human race.

I believe that both these reasons raised by critics are moot or solvable. This is 14 best reason that why technology is good.