New Year, New Watch?

When the New Year is right around the corner, most people make resolutions in the hope that their future selves will be ever-better. Some keep to their promises, while most no longer feel motivated to do so once January goes by. What’s certain is that if you actually want to do better in the New Year, you have to go out there and make the change yourself.

And what better way to commit to success than by investing in a designer watch?

A subtle accessory to your everyday business or casual wear, such a timepiece can open doors you then use to forward your agenda. Of course, not all of us can afford a new Rolex or Breitling. If this is also your case, then you might want to consider buying pre-owned.

Designer watches never go out of style Luxury brands have very specific goals in mind regarding their most recognizable models. In fact, you’ll notice that especially with Rolex watches, a model launched several decades ago has suffered few to no modifications up to the present day. This is because the manufacturer is aware that if the model never changes, it can never go out of style.

As such, you can rest assured that when you buy a pre-owned designer watch, you don’t get less for your money. Provided that the watch was properly taken care of by its previous owner, it will continue to function flawlessly for generations. Furthermore, because the manufacturer will continue to market the model as a recognizable brand symbol for decades to come, you won’t have to worry that your timepiece will ever grow outdated.

The cost of buying new vs. pre-owned

Another good reason to buy a pre-owned designer watch rather than a new one is the cost mechanic involved. Like with automobiles, when a new luxury watch leaves the retailer’s store, its value decreases slightly. Unlike in the case of cars, however, the value of a designer timepiece will never drop below a certain glass floor. What this means is that while the first buyer shoulders the initial cost of the new watch, subsequent buyers can acquire and re-sell the same watch for roughly the same price. This can work to your advantage particularly if you’re a collector and you know you might, at some point in the future, wish to exchange a previous purchase with another model. Because the value of a pre-owned watch will not decrease with further acquisitions, you’ll be able to re-sell it for the same price you paid when you bought it; sometimes, for more.

A new watch every New Year

The price mechanic described above opens up a world of fantastic possibility. In fact, if you take care of each timepiece and only buy authentic pre-owned watches, you can actually afford a new watch every New Year.

To make this work, however, it’s essential that you collaborate with authorized dealers who are able to verify and guarantee for the authenticity of each timepiece you buy. Sounds interesting? Consider browsing through pre owned Rolex watches from Watches Of Wales and make an informed purchase if anything catches your eye.

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