Why Content is King in the Current Marketing Trend

Content marketing continues to be a key marketing tool in the current digital landscape scenario. To generate inbound leads, 90% of businesses are using content marketing. Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate organic leads. Blogging, live video, podcasting, vlogging and even snapchat is used by digital marketers to get their client`s brand or business message clear to their respective targeted audiences.

Content Marketing is cost effective than paid ads

A recent study reveals that content marketing for medium to large sized companies costs 41% less than paid search.

Attracts more traffic to your website

Google will rank your page high as you publish more content. Many would prefer to know about your company or business through an article or blog. Content marketing helps to increase your website traffic by posting useful content. This will make your audience visit your site once again. Websites that update their blogs frequently have more traffic according to studies. Successful content marketing strategy will attract more customers to your website and will turn into conversions.

Helps build fans in social media

By posting useful, engaging content on social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, you can build many followers or fans engagement. By posting more, you will make more followers on social media.

Increases brand awareness

You need to post and share different types of content daily on social media in order to build a brand. By sharing useful content about your brand regularly, you will create a clear identity and gains lots of visibility. One way to demonstrate your brand`s integrity and build audience trust in your brand is through effective content marketing.

Boost rankings on search engines

One of the greatest abilities of content marketing is to help your website rank high in the search engines. Unlike paid ads, it helps you drive free, organic traffic to your website. By creating useful, impactful and SEO friendly content that people really need, you can boost your rankings and drive new leads to your website every day. You can hire an SEO company to boost your search engine rankings through optimized content marketing strategy.

Complements inbound marketing

You can attract your prospects through useful, informative content. Consistent delivery of quality content is the foundation of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing combines content that can be shared or consumed on search, content marketing, and social media to attract prospective buyers to your brand, product or service. Reports say many businesses are likely to see 4 times higher ROI on inbound marketing than outbound marketing.


Content is always the king. It is the king of SEO and helps build trust and good relationship with customers.  Your business needs content marketing as it retains readers’ attention, improves brand loyalty, generates leads and increases direct sales. Content marketing is also a cost- effective digital marketing strategy as it costs about 62% less than traditional marketing tactics. However, it generates approximately 3 times leads and this makes small businesses turn to this strategy to maximize their budget.  Hire a digital marketing or SEO company in Dubai for an effective content marketing strategy.

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