Tools and Tips to Boost Your Internet Sales

How to optimize your online sales site, how to boost sales on the internet?  Mixintech helps you get an opinion on the best e-commerce software to increase customer loyalty and increase their average basket, in short, to improve your return on investment.

Understanding how to boost sales on the internet leads to wondering what means to use. By which web strategy and which marketing tools? In what ways do cross-channel trading, use SEO or paid search techniques, position yourself in the marketplace, etc.? Here are our secrets and tips for knowing everything about e-business, and have an online sales site offering a competitive offer, easy to use by your potential customers and your targets.

Boost sales on the internet: the only way to guarantee its return on investment

Creating an online store and selling your products on the internet is not trivial. The e-merchants all have the same ritual that becomes quickly addictive: see every day the turnover achieved on their merchant site. Have they reached their breakeven point, a conversion rate high enough not to risk insolvency and business failure? Does their online business generate revenue? What is their return on investment?Selling online is difficult for several reasons:

The sellers are very competitive. Some marketers apply tips that you have not yet adopted, which allow them to boost their sales and position themselves better.

A marketing strategy wears out quickly; internet marketing must constantly renew itself.

E-commerce does not work on its own: it takes a lot of time and investment on your part.

To boost your sales on the internet, you need:

Be curious and try things, “tricks” to be innovative, take calculated risks,

Try to be one step forward of others,

Gather customers by multiplying ways to boost your e-commerce site, find different web strategy techniques, without being too aggressive.

Tools and tips to generate and retain new customers

Develop your marketplace quickly and without technical constraints

Five minutes is enough to create your marketplace with Kreezalid. You manage users, the catalog of products and services, orders and marketing features on a single platform. You get a multilingual site, 100% responsive and compatible with Google and the networks inexpensively. This solution is certified according to the RGPD.

 Create an online shopping site under the protection of Pay facile

This is part of your specifications to open an e-commerce store: find a reliable and efficient payment system, a remote transaction software that guarantees both parties to do business together safely.

Pay facile is a reference in the field: very secure and customizable, it allows a wide choice of payment method, and adapts to all kinds of multimedia surfaces.

Ogust Marketplace, the e-commerce solution for e-merchants service providers

Ogust Marketplace allows you to order a service that you offer via smartphones, tablets, and other smart screens. It is easy to configure to fit your site and your benefits

Ranxplorer, the SEO measurement tool to boost your visits

Ranxplorer software gives you essential information for managing your traffic, interesting keywords for Google’s robots, positioning your URLs, or even increasing the number of visits. It is ideal for practicing natural referencing and to guarantee cross-channel commerce that cannot be penalized by search engines.

Visibly accompanies marketers in SEO without going through paid search

It analyzes the semantic field and the SEO power of your articles. Visiblis is a secret boot of web editors, putting the odds on your side to increase your income through a higher conversion rate.

Afineo, a PIM to control the quality of your data and improve performance

This product information manager helps you gather and maintain quality data about your goods, or your prices for example. Afineo streamlines your management method to accelerate your time to market and increase efficiency.

Oxatis, Europe’s leading e-commerce platform

You can boost online sales of your e-shop by allocating the services of Oxatis, leader of SaaS, which offers personalized support. It can be used to build purchaser loyalty through many of its 400 different management functions.

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