Instagram Is Highly Relevant to Branding and SEO: Here’s Why

As the saying goes that visuals are worth thousand words, and this doesn’t only mean the photos in the current trend, but the visuals are also the videos or the short Instagram Stories. There is a reason as to why Instagram has gained so much popularity within such a short time period. It has helped businesses from various nooks and corners to build a huge user base. This, in turn, has further allowed them to maximize their branding as well as marketing efforts. You can also do the same with the help of your Instagram account. As per, 73% of the businesses post a picture on a regular basis.

Given below is a list of the things that you should consider in order to grow your brand.

Narrate the story on your Instagram account

Ensure that the photos that you are posting on your Instagram account are relevant to the brand and the services and products that you offer to the customers. Make sure that a particular photo is capable of transferring the message to your audience regarding your brand and you. It is extremely important to follow the unique 80-20 rule. You should post only 20% promotional photos and the other 80% should always be related to the brand. Ensure that the product does not take away all the attention. Ensure that you post different varieties of images; otherwise, your customers are going to get bored. You can also provide behind the scene pictures so that they can feel personally connected with you.

Building a following

You should try to build a medium follower base when you have started marketing on Instagram. However, it is not easy to get Instagram followers without providing them with a reason to follow you. Ensure that all your posts are attractive and engaging so that people are interested in following you back. You can also use hashtags to discover the things that people are interested in the most. In accordance with that, you can post photos for your audience and provide a caption with the relevant hashtags. Instagrammers always follow the give and take policy and they will only remain loyal to you if you like their pictures back. With time, your follower base is going to increase.

Do not forget to put your location

Geotagging is perhaps one of the most important things about Instagram because it is the manner in which people can find out what is around them. Geotagging helps users to find out your photo and discover your business. When you submit a particular location, chances are that you will be able to collect photos from in and around your location and meet relevant followers. You can get real Instagram followers for your Instagram account, which will help in increasing the credibility of your account.

Finding out influential users

Influential users are known to have a huge following and they can help in promoting a brand efficiently. This is one of the best ways of making your business popular.


With a certain amount of creativity and elbow grease, you can definitely help in building brand awareness and also optimize your business for the search engines.


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