Facilities In Residential Apartments

A living place requires many additional amenities to live in comfortably. Only an apartment with rooms made with walls and decorated with furniture and other various things are not enough. A person spent money not only to buy the apartment, but it also likes to get the essential amenities of everyday life.

People are looking for the apartments not only with attractive rooms and designer living space, but they all are seeking for the best and comfortable added amenities along with the apartments. Nowadays, all the new construction projects are giving immense importance to avail the additional amenities along with the apartments.

In a place like Amravati, the builders in Amravati have now put immense effort to avail the flats and apartments with possible amenities like parking space, regular water supply, power back-up, waste disposal, etc. This act of builders and developers in Amravati has risen the demand for more properties.

Here is a list of a few amenities that any buyer can look for before buying or booking for a flat or an apartment.

1.       Water supply

Undoubtedly, there is no life without water. Nowadays, due to the scarcity of water in metros and cities, it’s getting tough to get sufficient water for daily use. Especially, in summer days, it happens that water is unavailable for a day or two. Therefore, it becomes essential for any buyer to look into the water supply facility in an apartment.

It is also essential to find out if there is municipal water supply or the tanker water is distributed in all the flats for daily use and even drinking. Many of the apartments have no direct municipal water supply and, therefore people need to buy the drinking water bottles from outside.

2.       Parking facility

In city and metros, the vehicles are essential for moving out every time. Mostly, people own vehicles either two wheelers or four wheelers. It is a common problem faced by many people living in the apartments to start a day with hustle for moving out the vehicles.

Therefore, have a look in the parking space if there is sufficient space to park the vehicles and the safety of the vehicles is crucial.

3.    Waste disposal

The waste needs to be disposed of timely or otherwise, space starts stinking. Apartments have the facility for waste disposal, but the importance to check out if the collected waste from every flat or apartment is then collected further by the municipal employees or not. There are living places where the waste is left unpicked by the responsible employee for long and in turn, it results in spreading diseases.

4.       Power

In addition to water, the regular power supply is another crucial problem. It is noticed that some specific areas of the city and metros are facing more problems. The areas have no fixed day or time for power cut. The good apartments are nowadays facilitated with power back-up to avoid various problems arises in absence of electricity.

5.       Security

Stealing and robbing have become a regular issue in any place. Check the security outside and inside the apartment. CCTV surveillance is common to be seen in living places.

6.       Concrete Roads

Roads also play important roles while looking for an apartment. The potholes or broken roads are dangerous during the wet season. The collected water further creates pests problems.

7.       Kitchen facing

Nowadays, people are also concentrating in the kitchen area. The kitchen is the space where the housewives spend their maximum amount of time. People believing in Vastu Sastra looks for the kitchen direction. The storage space and the water supply in the kitchen is a must.

8.       Recreational facilities

The apartment amenities should include the amenities for recreational purposes as well. Large playing space for children, badminton and tennis court, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. is the extra amenities which are essential for relaxation and building a good social atmosphere in the apartment. 

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