3 Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate Is Easier Than Ever

According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, more concessions now have invested in real estate. While property investing might appear intimidating or from reach technology is changing the game by increasing access and decreasing investment minimums.

To get a better understanding for just how younger and new investors can start building their real estate portfolios, then I had a phone meeting with Joy Schoffler, Chief Strategy Officer in Upside Avenue, a spin-off of traditional property investment companies that let’s the little men in.

Upside Avenue started 16 decades ago acquiring buildings alongside other institutional and individual investors. Previously, this kind of investment was only available for licensed, or wealthy, investors, however Upside Avenue has opened their own investments .

Together with the early stage investor in mind, Schoffler recommends the following three tips for getting ahead in real estate:

1. Start conservatively.

The first and most important aspect to bear in mind when investing is conserving money. “When you’ve worked hard to save money you can finally invest, you have to be cautious to not invest it everywhere. I suggest beginning by investing with a more conservative approach because I’ve done it the other way and lost.”

“If you adopt the investment idea of compounding — the process of upping your yield based on reinvested earnings — you might be surprised what you could earn over time. However, you have to be comfortable playing with the long, rather than short video game. Make sure your investments will work well in an up and down economy.”

2. Don’t be concerned about diversification begin.

A good deal of people (like myself) are so concerned about investing intelligently and maintaining diversification that they never begin investing. Schoffler suggests, however,”When the minimum buy-in is $5,000 for an investment you know and really need to get into, do not wait until you have $100,000 built up to participate. If you are fairly conservative with your ancient investments, then you can earn as you learn.”

3. Technology is changing the game and inviting new players. 

It was illegal for investors to invest in non-traded REIT offerings. The only options were possibly and the stock market a fixer upper if you were willing to suffer the hassle of being a landlord. 

And as a result, now large established investment firms such as BlackRock, Carlisle Group and others are starting online investment programs, some with low minimums.”

“Compared to traditional private offerings, they’re also required to submit a fantastic deal additional information, sharing it through the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR). This can assist traders process, in their own due diligence. The additional yearly filings requirements also enable investors to keep better track of the investments, which provides investors far more information about these non-traded REITs.” For more information in buying and selling houses in Arizona, please contact Home Owner Exit Solution.

Technology information and transparency are eliminating the shroud which has covered the real estate investment market — making this leap from saver to investor that much simpler for the future generations of millionaires.