Principles of Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Device

 electronic mouse repellent is a machine which can imitate the mosquito’s natural enemy dragonfly or male mosquito to achieve the effect of driving away the female mosquitoes. It is completely harmless to humans and animals, without any chemical residues. It is an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent product.

 The Principle of the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device:

 1, according to a long-term study by zoologists, it is found that the mother mosquitoes need supplemental nutrition within a week after mating to smooth ovulation, which means that the mother mosquito only bites the blood after pregnancy. During this period, female mosquitoes can no longer mate with male mosquitoes, otherwise they will affect production and even worry about life. At this point the female mosquito will try to avoid the male. Some ultrasonic mosquito repellents will simulate the sound waves of various males’ wings. When the blood sucking female mosquito hears the above sound wave, it will run away immediately, so as to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes.

 The ultrasonic mosquito repellent device designs the electronic frequency conversion circuit based on this principle, and makes the mosquito repellent produce the ultrasonic wave which is similar to the male mosquitoes flapping their wings to drive the mosquitoes.

2, dragonflies are natural enemies of mosquitoes. Some products mimic the sound of dragonfly wings, so as to achieve the purpose of expelling all kinds of mosquitoes.

3, the mosquito repellent software is the ultrasonic wave that emits the bat, because the bats are the natural enemies of the mosquitoes. It is generally believed that the mosquitoes can identify and avoid the ultrasonic waves from the bats.

The Type:

One of them is a small ultrasonic mosquito repellent device that can be worn on the body, and the other is a mosquito repellent device used in the room.

The Scope:

It is suitable for families, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, warehouses, farms and other places. It can effectively drive mosquitoes in the space of 30 square meters.

Influence to human body:

The ultrasonic rat repellent is safe and nontoxic.

 In New Zealand’s summer, everything is so active. Every day, maybe your garden will be patronized by your neighbor’s cat. New Zealanders don’t like to “captive” their cats, and they allow them to move within the proper range; they are known to be very mobile, climbing over walls, burrowing into houses, and having no obstacles to stop them. So, how do we repellent these cats?

 Cats have a strong sense of territory and a strong sense of self-preservation. Their nature makes them willing to “go to the bathroom” in a safe place. And cats have a good sense of smell and memory, so they regularly excrete in the same “selected” place day after day.

 Cat excrement really stinks, because cats are carnivores, and the excretion of “poop” smells bad; inviting flies in summer is disgusting if you or a child step on it all day long. Although the yard has cat excrement, mice will be away from your house, but in other words, mice are not every day, but cat excrement piled up in the grass day by day, even if no insects, no human trample by mistake, but because of the “fertilizer concentration is too high”, the surrounding plants will quickly wither and die. New Zealand’s protection of animals tends to be “perverted” and hurting a cat or a dog is absolutely unforgivable. Even if you see someone else’s cat squinting at your house with its tail up and eyes “refreshing stool”, you can’t grab them for a meal, let alone use a slingshot, bowl, air gun, etc. to hurt them. Do you do it? Are they watching them swagger in your yard every day? Don’t worry, if your garden has been chosen by your neighbor’s cat as a “Shit spot,” don’t worry, watch the New Zealand website for you to introduce a few small ways out of this trouble. This is the method of cat repellent.