Depression in kids: Things you need to know as a parent

The major promising factor is, there is no cut-off age for depression! Around 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression worldwide. The WHO predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disability in the world. Depression in kids is on the rise these days. Often it is common to see the kids feeling irritated, sad or down. But when their negative thoughts line up for a longer time, maybe for a week, month or even longer, it ends up in so-called depression. Depression is a type of mental disorder, which is highly treatable when diagnosed in the early stage.  Undiagnosed and delayed treatment can lead to stigma and silence in kids. Depression episodes bring down your kid’s energy levels, appetite, sleep, and concentration. They also interfere with your kid’s regular activities, school works and make them part away from their friends and family very easily. 

When depression is on the severe end, kids may even feel to give up their life. Parents always need to pay more attention to kid’s behaviour, especially when his anger, irritability and sadness are out of control. If you feel any change in your kid’s behaviour, take time to understand their feelings and make them open up with you. However, in some cases, taking to a doctor is also needed. He can help to reduce the depressive episodes with medication. Buy med’s online from any best online medicine store in India at an affordable price. 

What can cause depression in kids?

There are numerous factors causing depression in children. Here are some of the possible causes that can puts your kid in ample depression. 

  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – Sometimes summer season can set depression in kids by creating a biochemical imbalance in the brain. 
  • Nutritional deficiency and certain medication can also trigger depression 
  • Loss or separation of the parents is the major leading cause for depression 
  • Other changes like shifting residence, bullying, failing to perform well in school can also be the cause of depression
  • If parents are depressed, this can pass behavioural issues or psychiatric problems in kids
  • Disappointment in games and loss of any relatives or any close friend can also bring depression

Diagnosing depression in kids:

Depression is categorized into two types: major depression (developed recently and lasted for a week or two) and chronic depression (gradually increasing and lasting for years). If depression lasts for more than two weeks, then consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist is a must.  An evaluation will be carried out with the child and the care provider or parents. Sometimes classmates, teachers, or friends’ help may also be required to rule out the cause for the depression. If necessary, a psychological test may be recommended for diagnosing the cause. If medicines are prescribed to manage the depression, you can order it from any online pharmacy store at your convenience. 


  • Your kid might require psychiatrist or psychologist support to treat depression, which includes treatment options like: Practising yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to keep the kid’s mind calm
  • Unhealthy thinking can be reduced using talking therapy called Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • If symptoms are very severe, your health care provider might prescribe medications to ease the symptoms. 

Tips you can try to manage depression in kids:

Parents can lend their hands to address their kid’s depression. Negligence can often make the situation worse. So, the right attention at the right time is needed to bring him out of the situation.  Here, we have listed out a few simple and effective ways to manage your kid’s depression.

  • Provide your kid with good nutritious food, give him enough sleep and help him to do his daily activity. This creates a positive vibe in him.
  • Spend some time with your kid. Involve him while cooking. Get yourself involved with your kids while playing, watching a movie and crafting things to overcome his depressive mood.
  • Be patient and avoid argument 
  • Avoid using harsh words as this can worsen the depression
  • Take time and talk softly with your kid to find the cause for depression
  • Get an appointment in school and talk with his teachers and counsellors. This is the best way to find out the problem.  

Depression is not something to keep aside. Good family support is required to bout depression. Consider seeking your doctor’s opinion to pull all his depression blues down. A proper treatment plan can help your kid to flourish and enjoy his childhood days in an active way.  If prescribed with any medicine, make sure to follow the dosage without fail. Refill your prescription drugs online from any online pharmacy India at your accessibility.