Vegan Diet Instruction for Best Night Sleep

A restful sleep at night is key to a healthy body and a fresh mind. It Is for this reason that ensuring a good night’s sleep at night is vital.

In order to get a good night’s sleep, there are various rituals that we all follow and are aware of. This can be anything starting from taking a hot bath, going for deep breathing or dimming the lights to reading a book or having a cup of herbal tea.

The daily actions and our lifestyle habits that we follow have a great impact on how well we can sleep. But one more thing that is often not taken into account is the food that we consume.

The stress levels and the mood, all have a great impact on the relaxation and wellbeing of the person. There are many minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are found in food which aid with sleep and relaxation techniques. These include magnesium, tryptophan, calcium and vitamin B6.

So it is essential to know the variety of foods that are the sources of these nutrients. To help you with it, here are some of the best food ingredients that are essentially vegan and which you can try out for a good night’s sleep.

Take a look.

  • Brazil Nuts and Almonds – The almonds contain magnesium that promotes both muscle relaxation as well as sleep and they have the added advantage of supplying proteins that can assist the blood sugar levels while sleeping. They also consist of tryptophan which is important in supporting the production of serotonin. A selenium deficiency is linked with enhanced anxiety, fatigue and depression and brazil nuts are quite rich in this mineral. You just need a day or two to promote the feelings of calmness and keep the stress away if you have these. In order to have them, you can take a bedtime snack or have a tablespoon of brazil nut butter for helping the body to relax and pair that up with banana that assists in absorbing the tryptophan. You can heat up a cup of almond milk and warming spices like cinnamon also.

  • Kales and Spinach – The spinach, kales and other green leafy veggies should always be a staple part of the meals as they contain plenty of nutrients and minerals. As a vegan, it is quite likely that you eat a lot of them. But if you do not then it is a must to have them as they contain sleep promoting compounds. The kale, spinach and most other leafy veggies are a rich source of calcium. This assists with the production of melatonin. Added to that, the research shows that the deficiency of folate can lead to insomnia. But you can rest assured that you will get sufficient amount of sleep if you eat these veggies.

  • Tart Cherry Juice -One natural source of melatonin happens to be tart cherries. Through this the sleep-wake cycle can be regulated. If you drink 1 or 2 cups of cherry juice every day, it offers you sleep enhancing properties. This helps to prolong the sleep timing to a great extent. But it is not just the melatonin content that makes cherries special. Certain types of tart cherries assist to augment the tryptophan availability by blocking or inhibiting a tryptophan degrading enzyme. You can add this juice as part of your morning porridge or use it as the base of your smoothies for a great colour and a delicious flavour.

  • Bananas – The bananas are one of the most abundant and affordable fruits available and therefore you have all the more reasons to have them daily. As bananas are quite rich in minerals, they form an important part of the vegan diet. The bananas contain optimum amount of muscle relaxants like magnesium and potassium. The carbs contained in this fruit can also make you feel sleepy and so must eat them before you go for your siesta or after dinner.

  • Whole Grains – The wholegrains like rye, brown rice and oats are made of carbohydrates that stimulate the insulin release. These assist the amino acids like the tryptophan necessary for sleep induction to enter the brain and produce melatonin and serotonin, the sleep inducing and relaxing hormones in order to wind down the nervous system and the brain. This results in a sound sleep and you will start feeling calm and relaxed. This is something you may have noticed already. After a meal of whole grains, you do start to feel drowsy and relaxed. Not only that, oats are also rich in vitamin B6 which is known for its melatonin and anti-depressant properties. You can take rice in dinner or couple up rye bread with warming soup to sleep well at night.

The above are some of the essential vegan diet food choices that you should include in your meals every day. In spite of these, if you still face problems while sleeping, you should consult with a reputed sleep specialist in Brooklyn who can help you detect and treat the real reason why you are not being able to sleep well at night.