Top Gifts Ideas For A Newborn Baby’s Parents

So you want to purchase some gifts for little munchkins because you can’t go empty handed to meet the newborn baby boo? Here is a list of some of the best gifts you can buy for the newborns or their parents.

Cloth Diapers: Newborns are leaky babies. Hence, diapers are the most useful gifts for the new parents. Being made of cloth, they don’t spoil our environment too. Save the bed-sheets; save the environment. Small size diapers are the ideal fit for the newborn babies.

Swaddling cloth or blanket: From the period of just born to around 3-6 months of age, a lot of swaddling clothes or blankets are needed. The newborns keep peeing or pooping, spoiling the swaddling cloth.

Products hamper for babies: Product hampers from Johnson’s, Himalayas, first cry and other companies have curated products which are necessary for baby care. These are so essential that these can never go wrong. But make sure that there are no such items which won’t be used for the baby grooming in the package to avoid waste.

Baby Rocker: Infant to toddler rocker is a much-needed gift for babies. It gives a break to the hands of family members rocking the baby day and night.

3D hand and foot impression casting kit: Memories from the birth of a baby are priceless for the families. Give an impression casting kit to the parents to make beautiful memories that will last forever.

Play gym: This spares the parents from the woes of not being able to work or do some household chores. With this in the house, at least for a little time while the baby is babies playing with the play gym. But this gift won’t be to much use after the baby starts crawling and starts exploring the things around.

Baby bather: This is another item of utility. Babies are very precious. So, the babies are ought to be bathed very delicately. Also, with a baby bather handy, it is more convenient for parents to bathe the tiny tot.

Onesies: Onesies are often mostly used clothing item for newborns and may go on until the babies attain an age of 2. These are easily changed, washed and dried. Everyone love onesies with interesting designs, especially, hilarious graphics over them.  

Baby carriers: Carriers are a practical option for newborn gifts. Cry babies won’t stop whining till they are in their mother’s arms. Carriers save troubled moms from achy hands. Ergobaby carrier is a functional variant as it can be used for longer hours and heavier weights. Also, it feels more comfortable on shoulders and back as compared to the locally manufactured ones.  

Baby proofing kit: We love to see babies starting to crawl and roam all around the house. But at the same, it is very risky and difficult to keep an eye, always; To remain cautious is a good thing, it is always advisable to babyproof the house well in time.  

Do not forget to celebrate the starting of your parenthood without a cake.

Celebrating the newborn can only get better with cakes. One can opt for YummyCake which offers midnight cake delivery in Delhi, and the cakes can be delivered perfectly for the occasion you require. The cakes are straight out from the oven. If you are residing in Delhi, you can make use of the cake delivery in Delhi service as well.

Photos of the little ones are very precious for the family and friends. Book photoshoot sessions with cute and funky props for newborns. You can also get a cake delivery in Faridabad to enjoy with your friends. Have a gala time with your newborn and loved ones.

These are some of the great ideas you can use to gift the newborn’s parents.

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