Souq Fitness Week: Avail Minimum of 25% Off on Fitness Essentials

If you are a fitness freak, there is good news for you. Want to know about the good news? Well, Souq is offering a minimum of 25% Off on fitness essentials. There are a lot of fitness related products such as Fitness Trackers, Heart Rate Monitors, Smart Scales, Heart Rate Straps etc. Souq is offering attractive offers on fitness equipment. To know more about the souq offers on fitness essentials, keep reading the article.

Top Offers on Fitness Essentials

At Souq, you can avail a minimum discount of 25% on fitness essentials. In this section, numerous brands are available such as Fitbit, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Garmin etc. Souq is offering attractive deals on the fitness essentials. These products are available in different variants and that too at the best price. Some of the top offers available on Fitness Essentials offered by Souq are given below:

Huawei A1 Fitness Tracker Band

This wonderful fitness tracker is available at 31% Off for 88.99 AED. However, its original price is 129.00 AED. This is perfectly designed to simplify your day-to-day tasks. You can do a variety of things using this fitness tracker band such as you can set alarm or can track your sleep schedule and many more things. This smart band also notifies you in case of an incoming call or a message. This fitness band is available in two colour variants: Black and Green.

Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

If your budget is quite high, you can definitely go for this wonderful Fitbit fitness smartwatch. This is available in four colour variants. Its original price is 899.00 AED but is available at a discount of 104.00 AED i.e. just for 795.00 AED. This watch will be a perfect choice for you if you want to achieve your fitness goals. The watch is totally water resistant, also Fitbit offers a long-lasting battery. So, you don’t have to worry about the charging.

Polar Balance Weight Management – Smart Scale

Available for 375.00 AED after a discount of 25%. It is not just a weighing scale but more than that. It comes with a Polar Activity Tracker and is also equipped with free Polar flow health and fitness app which helps you manage what you eat and how you do your exercises.

Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Smart Scale

This Xiaomi Smart Scale is available at a discount of 44% for 110.99 AED. However, its original price is 199.00 AED. It is available only in one colour variant. You can track your BMI daily with this fantastic smart scale. Apart from measuring BMI, it can also measure body weight, bone mass and many other parameters.

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch

This GPS Sports watch is available at a discount of 38% just for 369.00 AED. This watch is available only in one colour variant. This is one of the most friendly fitness watches that offer full fitness tracking. The strap of the watch is really very comfortable and is made of a long lasting material. The GPS Sports Watch is also equipped with a simple micro USB charging point on the back side of the watch.

All the fitness products available on Souq are of exceptional quality and are also available at a reasonable price. You can compare the prices of the items on other e-commerce websites as well. I guarantee you that you will find the cheapest price and splendid quality of the product of your choice only at Souq. There is also free shipping on almost every fitness product. Souq also offers fast delivery to its customers. So, guys grab the product of your choice before the gets out of stock.