How to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding


The comfort of guests should be a priority for every engaged couple who wants an outdoor wedding. When the ceremony happens in the country side or garden, everyone is exposed to different factors. Heat, bugs, and rain.

It is important you bring up to your hired wedding catering service these potential problems and everyone should work out.

Prepare for heat and rain

When you plan to have an event outside, your guests are sure to face some heat. To prevent your guests from sweating and possibly overheating, invest in a tent. It will provide a nice shade under direct sunlight. Additionally, provide some cool air through fans. If you can’t afford to use a big electrical fan, providing paper fans for each individual guest also works. You can even use paper fans as papers for the wedding ceremony.

Besides the problematic heat, there is also the risk for unpredictable rain. Even if you have a shade, water commonly reaches the ground underneath the tent and can possible make the footwear and dresses of your guests wet. A good way to prevent flooding is to put a mat underneath the whole tent and the chairs.

Get portable restrooms

A lot of outdoor places for weddings don’t have a nearby restroom. If there is one, the toilets cannot handle large amounts of people. One toilet, for example, can only serve 50 people at most. To solve this problem, ordering portable restrooms from a brand that specializes in this can be the answer.

There are different types to choose from. You can choose the basic type with only a toilet inside. There are also restrooms with additional details. Elite types have sinks, while accessible type come with handrails for disabled guests to have an easier time.

Invest in cold drinks and ice cream

Drinks is just as important as food because of the weather. Providing cold water and refreshing fruit juices in the wedding ceremony is one way of cooling your guests.

You can tell your hired wedding catering services to prepare the bottled water and talk with them what drinks they can serve on the wedding day.Guests can just grab a glass of juice from the table whenever they feel thirsty.

Ice cream is a very good dessert to serve since it is also refreshing in hot weather. Caterers can serve it in a cute way by having mini-cones with different ice cream flavors in a small tray with holes. The caterers can walk around and serve when people are dancing.

Prepare a bug repellent and sunblock station

The most common bugs in the outdoors are mosquito. Guests will surely complain about them since they will be outside for a long time. They will be really happy with you placing mosquito repellent sprays in a table for them to freely use. Lastly, you can also choose to have sunblock. It will prevent burning when guests are posing for pictures

Key Takeaway:

Outdoor weddings can bring a lot of problems to the ceremony due to a lot of factors such as weather, bugs, and a lack of a restroom. All of these can be especially uncomfortable for your guests. Therefore, the couple should think of ways to prevent these problems with their event planners and these tips are good ways to follow.