Understanding The Evolution And Importance Of Legal Labour Law Consultants In India

For any business, the requirement for employees seems to be perpetual and sometimes it can be pressing not only in the recruiting process but also in the after effects of a wrong recruit. The primary objective of hiring new employees is to meet the demands of business expansion or just a compliance with the company’s strategic planning to increase the level of productivity.

Modern businesses being fast do not have that much time to devote in the recruitment process and handle the hassles involved in it. Receiving and arranging the applications, sifting through a pile of such applications to shortlist a few to call for interview and handling the pressure of interview is something that most businesses want to avoid. It is therefore a trend to tie up with a professional recruitment service providing agency.

Be Wise While Hiring An Agency

Legal compliance is important for all recruitments and if you are unsure about it you must contact and consult Labour Law Consultants in India. They will help you to abide by the set standards to avoid legal obligations.

However, hiring such a recruitment service will have both advantageous and disadvantageous effects. It will save time and hassles but it may also make errors in the recruitment.

  • It is therefore required to know the level of competence of the service provider.

  • Among other things, it is required to inquire whether the service provider is aware and adept in legal acquiescence in HR solutions and labour law or not.

  • Also inquire whether they can handle your specific needs especially if it is a large scale business having regular requirement of employees, contractual, periodic or permanent.

Important for Company Reputation

If you face any legal issues and it becomes public it will surely and seriously stain your business reputations. Knowing about the legal aspects clearly while recruiting form such experts will avoid such issues and therefore will protect your business reputation.

If your company is not labour law compliant it will also create a lot of mess and fuss within the organization apart from facing dire consequences, legal and otherwise. This will result in loss of trust among your employees, existing and the aspiring ones.

Avoiding Penalties And Legal Prosecutions

The importance of Labour Law Firms in India for any business cannot be overlooked at any time or at any cost.

  • You will need their expertise and legal guidance to prevent any breaches that may fetch financial penalties.

  • Depending on the severity of the breach the court may also cancel your registration.

If you own a small business then paying huge fines or getting your registration cancelled both can be a huge setback. Once it happens it will be very difficult to revive your reputation or achieve the state you are in now.

Audit And Solutions

Labour law consultants services will cater to your compliance requirements with effective solutions.

  • They will ensure that your business is not only free from legal glitches but will also audit and assess your company’s provisions for such labour compliances.

  • They will find out the potential glitches, understand these and offer result driven solutions to increase opportunities and eliminate drawbacks.

  • Different software will be used and better applications designed so that the entire process is streamlined.

All these features and functions of the labour Law firms in India will ensure cost effectiveness.

Evolution Of Labour Law Consulting

Labour law consulting is a relatively new concept. In India this was not practised before Independence. It was due to the dictatorial nature of British colonists and their principles. Any attempts made for such practice at that time was suppressed violently.

After independence in 1947, Constitution was framed in 1950 and the fundamental concepts of labour protection were embedded within it. It also included the principles of work equality, empowerment of the trade unions and such practices got recognized. This was just the start of it.

Therefore, it can be said that the outset labour consulting happened in the early days of industrialisation in free India. This was also an era that experienced the rise of socialism over capitalism. Marxism and right to equality resulted in protection of rights of the workers.

A Win-Win Proposition

The functions and working principles of the labour consultants and labour law firms put the businesses as well as the consultants in a win-win situation. This is probably the most significant benefit of labour law consultation.

Being the specialists in labour laws and its practical aspects of it and its application, they ensured smooth functioning of all the industrial institutions. These institutions included power plants, mills and different factories.

Features Of Labour Laws

There are a few distinctive features of labour laws that make it a complex subject to understand even if one knows the intricacies of business law.

  • It is more of a generic rather than a specific term no matter how specific the nomenclature of this category may seem.

  • It is a collective phrase that is used for a set of Acts that involves a lot of regulations.

  • These regulations aim at the sanctity of the working environment

  • It also protects all conceivable elements of a worker such as employment guarantee, capability to wages and personal health.

The wide umbrella of labour law includes The Industrial Disputes Act 1947, The Payment of Wages Act 1936, The Factories Act 1948, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 and others.

Provident Fund Legislation

The labour law has the power to set a business owner behind the bars for non-compliance and violation of Provident Fund legislations. The existence and reinforcement of the labour law resulted in thousands of contract labours getting regularised overnight. However, this can also be detrimental for an organisation if the manpower is unnecessarily bloated up. It will aggravate the cost of business operation permanently.

It is for these instances and intricacies that epitomise the significance of quality and timely advice on these laws. The expertise of the labour law consultants can save an organisation to go belly up in the future.