Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas for Kids

Birthdays and cakes go hand-in-hand. There are no two opinions on this. And if it is the birthday of a youngster in the family, then it is for sure that without the cake being pieced into different shapes, the birthday celebration is incomplete. Over the years the roundish shape of the cake has undergone various transformations – squares, rectangles, triangles, double layered, multi-layered, figure shaped and much more. Bakers are no longer merely creating magic using the right mix of ingredients and flavors; they are people using their creativity to churn out some of the most amazing ideas, designs, shapes and sizes for this savory item.

Birthday celebrations for kids, whether it is a party at home or in one of the five-star hotels in the city, has to be graced by this sweet little delectable thing – all decked up to impress the host and his guests. Here, I am sharing some unique birthday celebration ideas for kids that will help you plan a stupendous one for your Lil’ one.

Celebrating your kids’ birthday – unique ideas

Keeping the birthday cake as a central part of the celebrations, some distinct ways of celebrating your kids’ birthday can include:-

Let your hair down with a well-planned Rain Dance Party

Rain dance party during the hot arid months is the best way for the kid and his friends to have good fun. Children could carry clothes to change and if arranging the rain shower is out of budget or seems cumbersome, you can organize a pool party using few of the plastic pools that are commonly used by kids below 8 years during the summer season.  Water games can be organized and snacks can be served with kids in the pool. Complete the fun by adding a designer cake to your sumptuous spread.

Kid Party at the Time of His Birth

It is undoubtedly a novel idea that has appealed a lot of parents. Organize a party around the same time that the kid was born. Just as the hour hand of the clock strikes the precise time, his friends can blow horns and throw confetti to make the occasion extra special. Get a lovely designer cake for this occasion and cutting of cake can also happen at the same time.

Add some thrill and fun to the party with a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be organized to provide the necessary thrill to the children. It also helps use their energies in the right direction. There could be a prize for the winner. Make sure to write age-appropriate intelligent clues and hide them in sneaky places. In fact, you can also get a designer cake delivered that gives a clue to this activity.

Plan a Theme party for your kiddo

There are several themes that can appeal to the senses of your kid and his friends. You can come up with a movie theme by creating a makeshift movie theatre; jungle theme party where kids can dress up as different animals, the food can be animal shaped and there can be lots of artificial animal figures placed around; sports theme with kids dressed in the sports gear of their favourite sports person; fancy dress party with kids dressed as their superhero or favourite comic characters; a scientist theme party where the kids are dressed as scientists wearing lab coats and goggles, lab apparatus etc can be placed in the room to replicate the look of a science laboratory, simple everyday items can be placed for kids to try out as experiments using the apparatus. Order designer cake in Faridabad that suits the theme of the party.

Teach your kid to be a Good Samaritan

Parents always try to inculcate good values in their kids and help them become good Samaritans. Making the celebrations special by organizing a treat for less fortunate children of the same age group or visiting an orphanage or an old age home and spending the entire day with the kids and elderly people there. There is no better way to make your kid learn the value of giving and respecting what he has.

Go Camping with your kids and his friends

For older children organizing camping, the party is a clear winner. Portable tents can be pitched in an open area, behind your house or in the park nearby. Take the help of a professional to organise some age-relevant outdoor activities and keep the kids busy with spending quality time with nature.

Develop an aesthetic sense in your kids

If your kid loves flowers and nature, organize a floral arrangement birthday party. Here all his guests learn to make a floral arrangement from an expert and they then take back home the arrangement that they have prepared in a flower vase or as a crown or a necktie etc. An addition of a simple, designer birthday cake is sure to augment his or her pleasure.

Animal Party teaches your kid a lot about Jungles

Animal party if the kid loves animals. Making it fun and informative, a professional can be roped in to show some slides on animals, a monkey trainer can be called in to show a monkey dance or a dog trainer can let the kids get acquainted with different antics dogs can perform. The designer birthday cake can be given the form of different animals and cakes can be covered with green colored frostings to look like a reptile.

For all these ideas and more, the cake can be accordingly designed to reflect the theme of the party appropriately. With midnight cake delivery, the event will be rendered more memorable and extraordinary for your child.

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