Today we will tell you the major updates changes by the ICAI in CA Foundation Syllabus and subject wise ICAI CA Foundation course syllabus applicable for Nov 2019 exam.  

CA Foundation is the first level of the CA course. With demonetization,GST digitalization there has been a significant increase in a skilful and potential accountant who could look after accounting books, make the necessary presentation, analyse the annual reports of the  company and understand the basic factors of economy and can interpret effect on Micro and Macroeconomics due to any change in law or accounting standards.

In order to meet such demand, ICAI has revised and updated its CA Foundation syllabus for the coming year. Read more to know the necessary changes and updates in exam Syllabus.

Major Updations Made in CA Foundation Syllabus 2019 

The major updation and changes made in the CA Foundation course are listed below:

#1. Change in Subjects of Old CPT and New CA Foundation course 

The introduction of Business correspondence, reporting, commercial knowledge in the new course is to create and improve the communication skill among the fresh batch of accountants.

New CA Foundation course SubjectsOld CPT Subjects
Paper-1: Principles and Practice of AccountingSection-A: Fundamentals of Accounting


Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and ReportingSection-B: Mercantile Laws
Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & StatisticsSection-C: General Economics
Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial KnowledgeSection-D: Quantitative Aptitude

#2. Change in Exam Pattern

CPT exams are held in the month of June and is a one day event where questions for all the four sections or papers were asked in MCQ format, but with demand of more comprehensive skillset CA Foundation exams are 4 day event where paper 3 and 4 are objective and paper 1 and paper 2 are subjective .Earlier Exam for CPT was for 400 marks and even the CA foundation exams are for 400 marks.

#3. Discontinuation of CPT Course

The ICAI will discontinue the CPT course completely after June 2019 attempt.

#4. Omission of Joint Venture Chapter in the New CA Foundation Exam Syllabus

The joint venture chapter is not included in the new syllabus.

#5. Omission of Ratio Chapter

The ratio analysis chapter is also not included in the new syllabus. 

Syllabus of the ICAI CA Foundation Course can be easily downloaded in PDF format from the ICAI website.

Subject Wise ICAI CA Foundation Syllabus for 2019

#1. Principles and Practice of Accounting Syllabus

(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks-Subjective paper)

The main objective of this course is to helps students to develop skill and understanding of the basic concept and accounts used in business and their treatment on books.The syllabus of CA Foundation course also emphasis on theoretical understanding of principles and concepts of different kind of accounts maintained in any business. Every chapter’s  topic is further classified with easy pointers and tables to understand the expectations of the course.

The Main topics covered in new CA Foundation syllabus for accounts paper are:

  1. Theoretical Framework
  2. Accounting Process
  3. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  4. Inventories
  5. Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
  6. Average due Date
  7. Account Current
  8. Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors
  9. Partnership Accounts
  10. Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  11. Introduction to Company Accounts

#2. Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting Syllabus

(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks-Subjective Paper)

Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting is divided into 2 parts where Business law will be for 60 marks and Business Correspondence and Reporting will be for 40 marks .

Business laws will help students in understanding the business legal network  for smooth and ethical operations on day to day life.With this legal  understanding the accountability ,liability and responsibility of any business  will be taken care by the CA’s. CA Foundation Business laws Exam Syllabus is briefly covers the major 5 laws that govern is divided basically in 5 major chapters which cover basic business act governing in India.

  1. The Indian contract act, 1872
  2. The sale of goods Act ,1930,
  3. The Indian partnership act ,1932
  4. The limited liability partnership act, 2008 and
  5. The companies act ,2013

Business correspondence  and reporting subject is to develop communication skills in students.The highly competitive business scenario demands confident and resoluted thinking in expression.The course will help students to develop the skill of proper drafting of official letters,email presentation and report.The paper uses only English language for its syllabus.

#3. Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics Syllabus

(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks- Objective paper)

This Maths paper syllabus is divided into 3 parts which covers the basic mathematical techniques(40 marks).the logical reasoning(20 marks),and the statistical tools(40 marks) to  find solution to the numerical situation like rate of interest,percentage of profit,IRR.EPS,and many others.d analysing various financial aspects of business

CA Foundation Syllabus for Business Maths will cover ratio logarithms equations and linear inequalities time value for money permutation and combination sequence and series sets relation and basic differential integral calculus

Logical reasoning will check your IQlevel with problems like

  1. Number Series, Coding and Decoding and the odd man out.
  2. Direction Tests
  3. Seating Arrangements
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Syllogism

Statistic part will cover basic principle of statistical techniques and measurement thereof.


  • The statistical description of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  • Theoretical Distributions
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Index Numbers and Time Series

#4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge Syllabus

(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks-Objective Paper)

The syllabus for CA Foundation Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge is divided in 2 parts where Business Economics will be for 60 marks and Business commercial Knowledge will be for 40 marks.

CA Foundation 2019 exam new syllabus of Business Economics include five major chapters briefing about various economic theory,their implication and how it affects the business cycle

Business economics has five major chapters 

  1. Introduction to business economics
  2. theory of demand and supply
  3. Theory of production and cost
  4. Price determination in different markets
  5. Business cycles

Business.Commercial Knowledge is new CA Foundation subject added in new course which help students to understand the current situation of Indian economy ,what globalization,privatization,decentralization mean,and how this will affect on business.  It has six main chapters

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Business Commercial Knowledge 
  2. Chapter 2 Business Environment
  3. Chapter 3 Business Organization
  4. Chapter 4 Govt Policies for Business Growth
  5. Chapter 5 Organization Facilitating Business
  6. Chapter 6 Common Business Terminology

The New updated revised syllabus is easy hence can be scoring. It also gives the student the opportunity to clear this exam with hard work and proper understanding of the CA Foundation syllabus.


We wish you all the best for the future.