Celebrate Your Little Princess Birthday With Barbie Cakes

Young girls, Princess, and dolls go a long way.  The pinkie dresses, the ruffled gowns, accessories with pictures of queens and princess printed on them, have always been the typical girlish items. When the Barbie doll came into being way back into 1959, she became an instant hit with the younger lot. Even teenage girls went berserk over the fashionable Barbie. The doll became synonymous with good looks, great figure and stylish costumes. Every little girl dreamt of possessing one Barbie doll at least once in their lifetime. Slowly the Barbie started appearing on goods and products that are associated with girls and women. Even our small little rounded deliciously baked cakes!

Happy Birthday Doll Cakes

Today, the birthday of your little princess is invariably incomplete without the gorgeous princess doll cake with Barbie being one of the most popular figures used the world over. The other royalty figures that get prominence on cakes are queens and princess from the world of Disney like the Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, and others. At Doorstep cakes, nothing is impossible! We help you handle the girlish tantrums of your child with a wide range of doll birthday cakes at our online store. You simply need to visit our web-store to choose from an extensive assortment of the girl cakes fused with different ingredients and essences and order birthday cake delivery in Noida.

Pick from readily available cakes

It is completely your choice on how you want your little girl to have the best birthday ever. Choose from our ready-to sell on-the-shelf cakes where you get a variety of choice – from cakes that have pictures of Barbie doll or Disney figures to doll shaped cakes that are made to resemble her favorite toy. Barbie is a sure shot hit with us! From pretty Barbie in a red dress to the alluring Barbie in an off-shoulder white gown to Barbie in different princess gowns, with choicest ingredients combined and mixed with varying flavors to please the child.

Let us create one together

Make the cake more personal by adding a message or name of the girl. Our bakers are experts at conjuring mixes of your choice. Give wings to your creativity – let the artist in you shape up an unforgettable cake for your girl. Your design, your style, your choice of ingredients and flavor, your selected form and shape and the happy birthday doll cake for your girl is ready to be delivered to your address!

If time is a constraint, but you still wish to make it extra-special for her, pick up one of the on-the-shelf design, and we will prepare a Barbie birthday cake with the name of your little princess written on it.  Give her a lifetime of memories with the freshly made Barbie theme cake. We guarantee that the innocent joy and glee of her laughter will resound years later and you will fondly look back at these memories. The best way of making memories is by creating events with these special happy birthday doll cakes!

Happy birthday doll cakes at affordable and attractive prices

If you thought that designer cakes cost way too much, we would then like to influence your thoughts a bit here. The Barbie doll cake prices are not really high, as is commonly thought. Especially when you compare it with the kind of brainstorming and activity that goes behind the scene to create the cakes.

A Designer cake is all about giving shape to your creativity. The design springs from the gray cells of your brain and then is given proper shape and definition from the bottom of your heart. That is all it needs to design something – with your mind and heart into it. But it does need lots of permutation and combination of the essences and the raw materials to give the final shape and taste.

Ordering Online Barbie Doll cakes from “Doorstep Cake” 

The process of ordering the Barbie girl cake is pretty straightforward. The only request that we make to our customers is to order in advance. To give us ample time to craft these spectacular cakes! As a professional baker, we accept orders up to three hours before the actual time of delivery. However, with more time of our hand, we mix the ingredients, bake the cake and top it up with the required icing to produce cakes that become the center of attraction at the event. And best of all, your princess will show-it-off with pride for days to come.

To order, visit our website. Browse through the available princess doll cakes, choose the one that you like the most and fits into your budget, pay with your credit or debit card to confirm the order and then tell us your address of delivery to help us process the order on time.

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