Top 7 Furniture Trends to Consider for 2019

Looking for inspiring modern furniture trends for 2019? Well, if you want to craft that ideal home you’ve always wanted, a designer would tell you that furniture can make or break a space. So you want to make sure that you choose the right pieces that can entirely upgrade the aesthetic of your home.

There are a lot of massive decor ideas and modern furniture ideas you can consider from our tips in this article. So keep on reading to find out some of the freshest updates and directions to make your home have that unique and on-trend vibes.



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It’s time that we skip those uptight silhouettes, acute angles, and pointy edges. The contemporary feel of furniture today is more on the curvier side to give warmth inside the home. You can have rounded polished chairs, mellow curves on a modern sofa, supple and even edge on beds, and any kind of element that you can consider inserting in your home.

While curvy furniture boasts sensual lines and definitely kicks the graphic. Rounded modern furniture is now considered to be timeless plus it’s worth the investment for its stylish contribution to your home. Just don’t overdo it and maintain a minimal effect as you can.


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Time’s up for those minimalist modern bed frames because the wingback bed should replace them. Today the trend in modern furniture is turning to more intricate and fascinating headboard options that gives a more cozy and snuggly design.


We want our bedrooms to be as comfortable as possible and wingback beds hug your bed in a nourishing manner, creating a cozy sanctuary to the feels of your bedroom while adding a definite touch of stylish design. Plus, they give such a luxurious feel to your home and adds a great statement. We suggest that you pick a velvet upholstered wingback bed to inspire a timeless high-end modern furniture trend in your home.



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The era of the famous rose gold has now come to an end as the high-shine metallics in modern furniture is making a comeback. You can now welcome those classic, brass, silver, and gold furniture in your home and use them in your own unique and complex ways.


If you’d like to have that timeless appearance in your home, then you can use metal furnishings to bring that sculpted feel artistically and organically as elements. Although today, sustainable materials are taking over the trend of furniture for this year. But it’s not that bad to introduce some high-shine finds into your home, just don’t overdo it. Keep it minimal just to give an instant room refresh that’ll work to add glamour without having to shell out plenty of money.




Blush tones are the new neutrals! This year, we can heavily see soft pastels and makeup hues that will appear in modern furniture trends, replacing traditional beige-toned and white and black neutrals. Let’s be honest that beige can get boring as time passes, unlike blush tones which add that fun vibe in our home.


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If you plan to add some blush and makeup tones furnishings, you can pair them with grays, whites, and rare neutrals. This tone has that visually soft and plush characteristic that can look amazing next to bolder statement-making tones. Home builders and designers suggest that blush hues can look wonderful in modern dining chairs for creating a happy spirit to your old straightforward room.



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Another trend that’s coming back is the velvet upholstery.  Although it’s returning, its popularity doesn’t seem to disappear. We know that velvet will always be great for the reasons that it’s luxurious, bold, plush, and almost any type of chair or sofa will always look classy in velvet upholstered. There are plenty of affordable options you can choose from and they are not that difficult to maintain and highly durable.


A great suggestion we can share with you is you can have a warm space but you may want to add a statement-making velvet sofa to have a moody and cozy color, preferably opt for a timeless gray or black to double as a discernible anchor for the room. Velvet fabrications can instantly evoke that luxurious spirit and give your space a regal feel.



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Last year was all about white hues and crisp minimalism, this year we are all about fabricating a grounding effect using strong black oak. This effortlessly provides a warming effect without concealing any other pieces. If you want to create a subtle warming effect in your room, then opt for black oak accent.



More homeowners nowadays are turning to eco-friendly materials and are more particular in recycling materials and greater sustainability. This year, we can expect more types of furniture that are made from reclaimed wood and are more centralized on recycled elements and materials from reliable managed sources.

Which one from the trends would you try to incorporate in your home? Comment below if you already have one of these in your home! We would like to hear from you.