Modern and sustainable houses in 2019

With today’s serious environmental problems, it makes sense that businesses are working to design sustainable properties that satisfy residents regarding comfort, functionality, and beauty.

In some countries, the construction of sustainable housing is a growing reality. In Europe, the Scandinavian countries stand out, but in Portugal, there are also companies that look to the future. Today, let’s meet one of them: Magnify Home. The company, based in Viseu, has shared with us 10 fantastic projects that are distinguished by the avant-garde of clean and pure forms and their ecological characteristics.

Magnify Home, however, works in several areas that intersect nonetheless. First of all, we have architecture. According to the professionals of this company, the choice of materials, the construction process and the positioning of houses in the field are a constant concern.

The Villa Quartz II

Let’s start with the Quartz II house, which has an A + energy certification.

The property has a living room and a kitchen with Bosch appliances in an open space. In addition to the main room, the house also has a laundry room with three bedrooms, including a suite with a dressing room.

The villa is equipped with thermal insulation on the facades and roofs and has PVC frames with 6 mm thermal glass. Also, it includes a central system, a solar panel, suspended ceilings with LEDs, a heat recuperates and a waterproof cover.

Tourmaline project

A tourmaline is a group of minerals that have a wide variety of colors. This house, which does not have a panoply of colors, is immediately visible by the contrast between white and brown. This last color allows the building to better integrate into the natural environment.

The house is large with two floors, the second being reserved for the most private areas of the house, such as bedrooms. Energy consumption is once again a concern and the smart flower, the first fully integrated solar energy system in the world, has been added to the project.

Sapphire Project

We went from a villa with generous areas to a compact construction, based on a small field. The challenge here was to optimize the use of a small space while achieving a satisfactory level of comfort: the size of the interior spaces and the use of the surrounding space. If you are looking for a compact house, this is your project

 Quartz Project

Still, on compact house projects, we have the Quartz project, whose cornerstone was creating optimized spaces, simplifying access and ease of use. Modernity and comfort are not always marked by astronomical prices. On the contrary, the villa you see in the photo was designed for those who wish to build a comfortable and modern home, at an affordable price.

Opal Project

You will have noticed that the name of these houses always makes sense. The word opal comes from the Sanskrit Pala which means gemstone. It is a stone associated with protection. Ideal for a home! It is no fluke that we call our home our refuge, our sanctuary or even a nest.

With solid and sturdy concrete walls, this house perfectly fulfills this objective. However, the material used was excellent, did not weigh and did not overload the landscape. He gives it this aspect of strength. At the same time, it seems to add bright white surfaces and nut hues, a warm color.

Jasper Project

Jasper: the precious stone that transmits security and harmony. The generous windows of this villa create spaces well ventilated and bright, especially on the upper floor where the windows open the interior of the house to the surrounding green landscape. The project presents simple and precise cutting lines and contains materials that guarantee robustness and safety.