Importance of a Water Shutoff

The entire sewerage system, the pipelines and all the faucets are all linked to the water supply of your house. Although each faucet has a direct valve but there’s also a main valve that controls the entire water supply system. Today we shall learn about the importance of this valve and why is water shut-off important and for whom.

Minimizing Water Related Damage

In case of any plumbing related disturbances, all plumbing outlets throughout the house whether it’s the kitchen, garden hose or the toilets etc, the water valves need to be completely shut down to avoid any plumbing disruption. So now without having to shut down the plumbing system, only the water supply needs to be ceased. In case of any unforeseen malfunctioning, for instance, there has been some issue with the flushing system. Smart choice would be to immediately reach for the main valve to shut the water off completely, before it fills the entire room, reaching and drenching other areas of the house too.

 Imagine your sofa-set or that oh-very-expensive rug gets soaked in water and even worse if it’s dirty water! Some material might take some time to dry out but others that were not water resistant would probably not come to their original form. Such are those materials that are supposed to be brushed or sprayed clean instead of washing and drying.

Off to Holiday-ing

This holiday is the time when you need to be prepared about everything to make sure things go as planned as possible. You wouldn’t want your most awaited time of the year to be ruined for a single mistake made because of ignorance. Neither would you want to come home and face a huge mess destroying your holiday mood.

Plumbing Emergency Or Electric Short-circuit

Imagine if there was a case of plumbing emergency in the house, be it the toilet issue or kitchen under water overflow danger, the first thing to do here to mitigate the possible water damage before the plumbing services arrives is to shut off the main water valve. This will unquestionably avoid and save you from any water flowing into the house. Although there is some house flooring specifically designed to cater to such situations meaning; with a sloppy flooring that makes it easier to wipe the water out but imagine the time wasted! Apart from being stuck for hours long wiping and cleaning the floors off the water spread around, it would be uncalled disastrous if it dampened any important papers or your gadgets that may happen to accidentally come in contact with.

 Next most important time when you would want to immediately turn off the water valve would be in case there’s some electric short-circuit caused by water dripping somewhere internally, behind the walls or problem caused by a water flowing issue.

Commercial Home Inspection

Commercial home inspection revolves around the inspections of commercial building properties such as the shopping centers, grocery stores, apartment buildings, restaurants, offices, warehouses, factories etc. Water related damage is just as disastrous for commercial building as it is for residential buildings. Considering the high probable existence of important documents, tech-systems, products etc. that can be destroyed, disrupting the operations and interfering with their functioning. Thus is the importance of a water shutoff, in both the commercial and home sites. It is crucial that the main valve is within the reach of an authorized person; also that it is not difficult to operate or switch on/off.

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