How to Maximize the Value of Windows by Choosing the Right Window Frame

A window frame enhances the appeal of your home and it determines the energy costs in your home. There are many window frame materials so talk to an expert to guide you in buying the most suitable frame for your home.

There is no need for you to continue using windows that are not serving you right when there is an option of replacement. Windows with zero or low energy efficiency, old windows and broken or damaged windows are a liability. Replacement windows upgrade the value and aesthetic looks of the home, and they are easy to maintain.

When choosing the best replacement windows, you need to consider the style of window and type of glass. Windows experts understand the value of choosing the right window frame. Contact a professional in replacement windows if you need help in choosing the right replacement window.

Vinyl windows 

The main strength of vinyl is its ability to withstand prolonged UV light. This is a proof of its durability. It is also an excellent material in insulation. Homeowners with vinyl windows incur reduced energy costs compared to those without the windows.  The windows are inexpensive, and they come in various styles and colours.

When compare to vinyl other materials, vinyl is not as strong and that is its main disadvantage.

Wood Window Frame

Wood is the oldest window frame material. Today, it has been replaced by other more functional and easy to maintain materials as the number one window frame material.

Wood has a natural, rustic and unique look. It provides homeowners with an option of painting it any colour they wish since it can be painted or stained. Wood is a strong material and it can be customized.

Unfortunately, it is susceptible to damages by weather elements. When exposed to a lot of water or sunshine, it rots, cracks, wraps or bends. There are durable types of wood but they are expensive.


It is a common material due to its unparalleled features. The frames are capable of achieving and exceeding the set energy efficiency. They can gain or lose heat 60% better than uPVC and timber frames.

Aluminium window frames provide an extended life as a result of its corrosion-resistant qualities. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without swelling, warping, splitting, or cracking. Finished aluminium frame is appealing but a homeowner can choose to improve it by painting or anodizing it. Anodizing the frame makes it corrosion-resistant. Powder coating and anodizing aluminium frames can be done in various colours to match your preference.  This means that the homeowner is limited by their imagination when it comes to choosing the window frame colour and design. Therefore, make sure you choose the best aluminium window frame.


Due to the inadequacies of wood as a window frame material, fibreglass is replacing it slowly. The material has amazing qualities which cover up the negative qualities of wood. For one, fibreglass can withstand all weather conditions without getting damaged like wood. It works perfectly whether installed on the inner or outer parts of a home. Just like vinyl, fibreglass is a perfect insulator and it helps save in energy costs. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to use the windows since they are fairly expensive.